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Finding Aids to Collections in the Archive of Folk Culture


Compiled by: Daniel Schultz
Series Editor: Ann Hoog
Revised: November 2012

For additional information about Archive of Folk Culture collections, contact the Folklife Reading Room. To request copies, see our webpages regarding audio materials and photographic materials. Please refer to the AFC and/or AFS numbers when requesting information. All indications of time duration listed in this finding aid are estimates.

AFC 1951/038: Cooperative Acquisitions Project / Bulgarian Folk Music
Twelve 10-inch discs of Bulgarian folk music recorded on an unknown date. Released on the Odeon and Parlophon labels. (preservation tape LWO 5111 reel 295A) (AFS 10,270-10,281)

AFC 1957/002: Martenitsas (March souvenirs) Collection from Bulgaria
A sample martenitsa, a red-and-white thread, in a card containing best wishes for the coming of Spring, traditionally sent around March 1. The collection includes a 3-page description of the "March souvenir" custom and its derivation.

AFS 20,167-20,169: Gordon Bok / Khalmyk Duplication Project
Three 10-inch tapes of songs and instrumental performances (dance tunes, children's songs, love songs, epic songs) by Khalmyks and Khalmyk Americans. Includes traditional and popular orchestral arrangements of Russian, Bulgarian, Yugoslavian, and Asian folk music. Recorded by Gordon Bok in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey prior to 1979, with other selections from field and studio recordings from the Friends Neighborhood Guild in Philadelphia, including older recordings from the former Soviet Union. [note: also spelled Kalmyk in some places]

AFC 1991/012: 1991 Neptune Plaza Concert Series Collection
The collection consists of manuscript materials, sound recordings, photographs, and moving images documenting the performance of Peking Opera, Swiss folk music, bluegrass music, Bulgarian folk music, Javanese gamelan music and dance, and gospel music recorded live outdoors on Neptune Plaza in front of the Library of Congress. [catalog record] [finding aid]

The following describes materials from the July 18, 1991, concert of Bulgarian music performed by Bulgari.

AFC 1991/012: Folder 13: One folder containing a concert flier autographed by the performers, unsigned fliers, press releases, and a concert log by Elaine Bradtke.

AFC 1991/012: SR9-11: Three tapes containing the concert. (1 hour)

AFC 1991/012: Envelope 3: One envelope containing 1 4x5 black-and-white internegative of the concert. Photographed by Jim Higgins.

AFC 1991/012: Folders 14-16: Three envelopes containing 3 black-and-white contact sheets (62 images), 1 8x10 black-and-white photoprint, and 1 5x7 black-and-white photoprint of the concert. Photographed by Jim Higgins.

AFC 1998/001: Joel Martin Halpern Collection
This collection reflect the Halperns' primary field work projects among Serbo-Croatians (both in Eastern Europe and in Canada), as well as some Russian, Bulgarian, Laotian, and Inuit material. It also includes some articles on topics unrelated to anthropology. The collection consists largely of published materials (with an emphasis on music and traditional costumes) but also includes some audiotapes, videocassettes, and manuscripts from the fieldwork of Halpern and his wife, Barbara Kerewsky-Halpern.
[catalog record] [finding aid]

AFC 2005/033: Music in Bulgaria: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture, Lecture by Timothy Rice
Illustrated lecture entitled "Music in Bulgaria: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture," delivered by Timothy Rice. Includes numerous audio and video examples of genres and types of Bulgarian music drawn from ethnomusicologist Rice's field research in Bulgaria from 1969 to the present. Recorded at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., March 23, 2005. Part of the Benjamin Botkin Folklife Lecture series. [catalog record]

AFC 2006/046: Martha Forsyth Collection of Bulgarian Recordings
One hundred four audiocassettes and 8 CDs of recordings of Bulgarian singers, including "Traditional Song in South-Western Bulgaria, A Geographical Tour" recorded by Martha Forsyth. Recorded between 1978 and 1981, one set "before 1978." Documentation on one CD-R. [event flyer]


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   May 15, 2015
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