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Historic Bibliographies and Reference Aids

American Snake-Handling Sects: A Selected Bibliography

Compiled by: Marsha Maguire
Publication Date: September 23, 1980

Books and Articles

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Interview with minister of a Holiness church in Carson Springs, Tenn., and two members of his congregation.

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Master's thesis—Marshall University, Huntington, W. Va.

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Reprint of the 1962 ed., with a new introd. by the author.

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Special issue chiefly describing activities of a mountain church whose members practice snake-handling.

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Background Sources on Revivalism in America

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There are numerous journalistic accounts of snake-handling in the United States, particularly in relation to legal problems and deaths resulting from the practice. These may be located by consulting popular literature indexes such as Readers' Guide and the New York Times Index from 1938 to date under the headings SNAKE CULTS, SNAKE-HANDLING, and SERPENT HANDLING.



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