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Historic Bibliographies and Reference Aids

A Brief List of Materials Relating to Shaker Music

Compiled by: Archive of Folk Culture staff
Publication Date: August 22, 1967

Andrews, Edward Deming.
The Gift to be Simple: Songs, Dances and Rituals of the American Shakers. New York: J. J. Augustin, 1940. Reprinted, New York: Dover Publications, 1961.

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"Shaker Songs and Music." Bulletin of the Folk-Song Society of the Northeast, number 4, 1932, pp. 17-18.

Blinn, Henry Clay.
A Collection of Harmonies and Melodies, Adapeted to Sacred Worship. Canterbury, New Hampshire, 1878.

A Collection of Hymns and Anthems Adapted to Public Worship. East Canterbury, New Hampshire, 1892.

A Collection of Millenial Hymns. Adapted to the Present Order of the Church. Canterbury, New Hampshire: The United Society, 1847

A Sacred Repository of Anthems and Hymns for Devotional Worship and Praise. Canterbury, New Hampshire, 1852.

Evans, Frederick William.
Shaker Music. Inspirational Hymns and Melodies Illustrative of the Resurrection, Life and Testimony of the Shakers. Albany: Weed, Parsons and Co., 1875.

Grimes, Anne.
"Possible Relationship Between 'Jump Jim Crow' and Shaker Songs." Midwest Folklore, volume 3, number 1, Spring 1953, pp. 47-57. GR109.M5.

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The Musical Espositor: Or, A Treatise on the Rules and Elements of Music: Adapted to the Most Approved Method of Musical Writing. New York: George W. Wood, 1847.

Held, Conrad Christopher.
Fifteen Shaker Songs. New York: Schirmer's American Folk-Song Series, set 23, 1944.

Hutton, Daniel Mac-Hir.
Old Shakertown and the Shakers. Harrodsburg, Kentucky: Harrodsburg Herald Press, 1936.

McNemar, Richard (Philos Harmoniae).
A Selection of Hymns and Poems; for the Use of Believers. Collected from Sundry Authors. Watervliet, Ohio, 1833.

[no author]
Millenial Praises, Containing a Collection of Gospel Hymns, in Four parts, Adapted to
the Day of Christ's Second Appearing. Composed for the Use of His People
. Hancock, Massachusetts: Josiah Tallcott, Jr., 1813.

[no author]
The Musical Messenger: A Compilation of Hymns, Slow and Quick Marches, Etc., Used
in Worship by Believers
. Union Village, Ohio: The United Society of Believers, n.d.

Neal, Julia.
"Shaker Festival." Kentucky Folklore Record, volume 8, number 4, October-December 1962, 127-135.

North Family.
Original Shaker Music, Published by the North Family of Mt. Lebanon, Col. Co, N.Y. New York: W. A. Pond and Co., 1893.

Offord, Daniel.
Shaker Music, Original Inspirational Hymns and Songs, Illustrative of the Resurrection, Life and Testimony of the Shakers. New York: William A. Pond and Co., 1884.

Patterson, Daniel W.
"Inspiration and Authority in the Development of the Shaker Spiritual." In Folklore Studies in Honor of Arthur Palmer Hudson, edited by Daniel W. Patterson, Chapel Hill: North Carolina Folklore Society, 1965, pp. 111-120.

Nine Shaker Spirituals with a Brief Account of Early Shaker Song. Old Chatham, New York: The Shaker Museum Foundation, 1964.

[no author]
A Repository of Music, Containing Elementary and Advanced Lessons, Selected from
the Works of Able Teachers
. Canterbury, New Hampshire, 1880.

Russell, Samuel.
The Millennial Hymns of Parley Parker Pratt. Cambridge: The University Press, 1913.

[no author]
Selection of Devotional Melodies. Canterbury, New Hampshire, 1878.

[no author]
Shaker Anthems and Hymns, Arranged for Divine Worship. Shaker Village, New Hampshire, 1883.

[no author]
Shaker Hymnal by the Canterbury Shakers. East Canterbury, New Hampshire, 1908.

[no author]
Songs of the Shakers. Pittsfield, Massachusetts: Shaker Village Work Group, 1962.

Youngs, Isaac Newton.
A Short Abridgement of the Rules of Music. New Lebanon, 1843. Reprinted, 1846.



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   September 30, 2014
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