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Historic Bibliographies and Reference Aids

A Brief List of Materials Relating to Rounds, Catches, and Glees
With Library of Congress Call Numbers

Compiled by: Wendy Leeds
Publication Date: July 14, 1975

[no author]
The Apollo or Harmonist in Miniature: A Selection of Ancient and Modern Catches, Glees, Canons, Epigrams, etc. London: T. Williams, [1820-1827].

Baker, B. F. and L. H. Southard.
The Boston Melodeon: A Collection of Secular Melodies Consisting of Songs, Glees, Rounds, Caches, etc., Including Many of the Most popular Pieces of the Day, Arranged and Harmonized for Four Voices. Boston: Elias Howe, 1847. Volume 3.

Bronson, B. H.
Catches and Glees of the Eighteenth Century. Berkeley: Univ. of Calif. Press, 1955. Taken from Apollonian Harmony (c. 1790).

[no author]
The Catch Club or Merry Companions: Being a Choice Collection of the Most Diverting
Catches for Three or Four Voices, parts 1 and 2
. London: I. Walsh, n.d. Reprint edition, N.Y.: Da Capo Press, 1965.

Daniel, Oliver.
Round and Round and Round They Go: A Book of Rounds. Boston: C. C. Birchard and Co., 1952.

Davie, James.
The Vocal Harmonists Vade-mecum: Being a Collection of the Most Popular Duets, Catches and Glees Amongst Which are Several of our Admired National Songs, Expressly Harmonized for the Work. Aberdeen: James Davie, [1905?].

Dunning, Sara L.
Fifty-five Rounds and Canons. NY: G. Schirmer, 1908.

Franklin, William.
The Glee-Singer's Pocket Library: Being a Selection of Choice Glees, Madrigals, Rounds, etc., From the Works of Callcott, Horsley, Webbe, Stafford Smith, Atwood, Danby, and Other Celebrated Composers, Ancient and Modern. Boston: Charles H., Keith, 1843.

Gow, Niel, Jr.
The Edinburgh Collection of Glees, Catches, Duets, etc., Selected From the Works of the Most Eminent Composers Ancient and Modern. Edinburgh: Nathaniel Gow and Son, n.d. M1578.G75

[no author]
The Harmonist: A Select Collection of Ancient and Modern Glees, Catches, Canons,
Epigrams, etc
. London: C. Wheatstone [1805?]. Volume 1.

Hilton, James.
Catch that Catch Can, or a Choice Collection of Catches, Rounds and Canons for 3 or 4 Voyces. London: John Benson and John Playford, 1652. Reprint edition, NY: Da Capo Press, 1970.

King, James.
A Collection of Glees, Madrigals, Rounds, Quartets, Elegies, etc., Partly Original, but Chiefly Selected from the Works of Eminent Composers, With an Arranged Accompaniment for the Piano Forte. London: James King, [1839].

Lee, E. Markham.
"Madrigals, Rounds, Catches, Glees and Part-Songs," in London Musicians' Company, English Music (1604-1904): Being the Lectures Given at the Music Loan Exhibition of the Worshipful Company of Musicians held at Fishmonger's Hall, London Bridge, June-July 1904. (London: Walter Scott Publishers; NY: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1906), pp. 103-20.

MacMahon, Desmond.
The National Youth Song Book. London: Thomas Nelson and Sons, Ltd. [1941].

Melvill, David.
The Melville Book of Roundels. London: Roxburghe Club, 1916. Reprint edition, NY: Burt Franklin, 1972. Good introduction.

Ravenscroft, Thomas.
Pammelia. Deutromelia. Melismata. London: William Barley, 1611. Reprint edition, Philadelphia: American Folklore Society, 1961 [Publication of the American Folklore Society Bibliographical Special Series, vol. 12].

Rimbault, Edward F.
The Rounds, Catches and Canons of England: A Collection of Specimens of the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries, Adapted to Modern Use. London: Cramer, Wood and Co., n.d. Good introduction.

Schaeffer, Don.
A-Round We Go: 46 Rounds to Sing. NY: Pro Art Publications, 1968.

Snowden, J.
The Euterpean: A Choice Collection of Glees, Catches, Canons, Etc., A Great Portion of Which has Never Appeared in any Former Collection. London: Longman and Bates, [1825]. Volume 1.

Statham, Heathcote D.
Forty Sixteenth Century Rounds for and 10 Voices. London: Stainer and Bell Ltd., 1925. Taken from Pammelia and Deuteromelia.

Taylor, Mary Catherine.
Rounds and Rounds. NY: William Sloane Associates, 1946.

Taylor, Mary Catherine, Margarita Windham and Claude Simson.
Catch That Catch Can: One Hundred English Rounds and Catches. Boston: E. C. Schirmer, [1945].

Warren, Joseph.
Robert Cocks and Co.'s Hand-book of Sixty Rounds, for Three and Four Voices. London: Robert Cocks and Co., [184-?].

Warren, Thomas.
A Light Collection of Catches, Canons, and Glees for Three, Four and Five Voices Most Humbly Inscribed to the Noblemen and Gentlemen of the Catch Club at the Thatch'd Tavern, St. James. London: Longman and Broderip, [1762-1793]. Reprint edition, Wilmington, Del.: Mellifont Press, 1970. 4 volumes. Good introduction.

White, Edward.
The Boston Melodeon: A Collection of Secular Melodies, Consisting of Songs, Glees, Rounds, Catches, etc., Including Many of the Most Popular Pieces of the Day, Arranged and Harmonized for Four Voices. Boston: Elias Howe, 1874. Volume 2.

Wilson, Harry Robert.
Old and New Rounds and Canons for Singing. NY: Harold Flammer, [1967].

[no author]
Rounds and Canons. Chicago: Hall and McCreary Co., [1943].


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   September 30, 2014
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