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Historic Bibliographies and Reference Aids

Rhymes of Children: A Select Bibliography of English Language Materials

Compiled by: Barbara C. Orbach
Publication Date: August 14, 1980

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GR110.N8D8, v. 1.

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PZ8.3.C915 Th

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GV75.D7 1931; London Street Games, 2d ed., was reprinted in Detroit by Singing Tree Press in 1968 (GV75.D7 1968).

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PZ.E86 Ri

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Reprinted with a new introduction and index by Carl Withers in New York by Dover Publications in 1963 (289 p. GV1203.N53 1963).

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PZ.3.O6 I

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PZ8.3.W76 Ro


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