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Historic Bibliographies and Reference Aids

A Brief List of References to "Drimindown"

Compiled by: Archive of Folk Culture staff
Publication Date: March 4, 1968

Bunting, Edward.
The Ancient Music of Ireland. Dublin: Hodges and Smith, 1840. P. 32, no. 42, "Dear Black Cow"." Notes on page 93.

Creighton, Helen.
Maritime Folk Songs. Toronto: Ryerson, 1961. Pp. 176-177. "Drimindown."

[no author]
"Dhrinnin Dhu Dhrinnin." Sing Out!, volume 9, number 1, Summer 1959, p. 3.

Joyce, Patrick W.
Old Irish Music and Songs. Reprint edition, New York: Cooper Square, 1965. Pp. 103-104, no. 210, "Drimin Dhn Dheelish." Pp. 169-170, no. 371, "Drimin Donn Dilis." P. 250, no. 445, "Drimin Dubh Dilis."

McDonnell, C., arr.
Drimindhu-deelish. Words by T. L. Baltimore: John Cole [183-?].

O'Conor, Manus.
Old-Time Songs and Ballads of Ireland. New York: Popular Publishing Co., 1901. P. 19, "Drimmin Dubh Deelish." Text only.

O'Sullivan, Donal.
Songs of the Irish. New York: Crown Publishers, Inc., 1960. Pp. 143-144, "Drimin Dhown Deelish."

Petrie, George.
The Petrie Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland. Dublin: M. H. Gill, 1855. Vol. 1, pp. 114-116, "The Faithful Druiminn Donn."

Protheroe, Daniel.
Drimin Dhu. Chicago: Gamble Hinged Music Co., 1912. Words by F. A. Fahy.

Roach, Johnny.
Johnny Roach's Champion Songster. New York: Robert M. DeWitt, 1874. Pp. 52-53, "The Dear Black Cow: Drimin Dubh Deelish." Also text of "Drimin-Dubh, 'The Black-Backed Cow.'"

Zimmerman. Georges-Denis.
Irish Political Street Ballads and Rebel Songs 1780-1900. Genève: Imprimerie La Sirène, 1966. Pp. 205-206, no. 41, "The Barrymore Tithe Victory."


Elektra EKL-301/2, Leadbelly: The Library of Congress Recordings. New York:
Elektra Records, 1966. "If It Wasn't for Dicky," sung by Huddie Ledbetter, recorded by Alan Lomax, Washington, D.C., 1937.

Folkways FA2428, Jean Ritchie: Oscar Brand: David Sear: A Folk Concert in
Town Hall
. New York: Folkways Records, 19159. "Dhrinnin Dhu Dhrinnin," sung by Dave Sear.


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   September 30, 2014
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