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Historic Bibliographies and Reference Aids

A Brief List of Composers Utilizing American Indian Music

Compiled by Archive of Folk Culture staff
Publication Year: 1966

Alexander, Hartley, Burr.
Manito Masks.

Ayres, Frederic.
From the Plains.

Barclay, Robert Lenard.
Legend (American Indian)

Bimboni, Alberto.

Bliss, Paul.
The Feast of the Red Corn.
The Mound-Builders.
The Redman's Death Chant.

Bojanowski, Jerzy.
Indian Sketches.

Boothroyd, Frederick.
Songs of the Red Man.

Burleigh, Cecil.
American Indian Dances.

Burton, Frederick R.
Ojibway Symphony.
Songs of the Ojibways.

Busch, Carl.
A Chippewa Lament.
The Four Winds.
Indian Legend.
Indian Tribal Melodies.
Six Indian Songs.

Cadman, Charles Wakefield.
American Suite.
Four American Indian Songs.
From Wigwam and Teepee.
Idealized Indian Themes.
Indian Love Charm.
The Prayer of the Great Chief.
The Robin Woman (Shanewis).
The Sunset Trail.
Thunderbird Suite.
To a Vanishing Race.
The Tryst.

Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario.
Indian Serenade.

Coe, Saidee Knowland.
Melodrama of Hiawatha.

Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel.
The Song of Hiawatha.

Dvorák, Antonín.
Indian Canzonetta.
Indian Lament.
Indian Legend.

Farwell, Arthur.
American Indian Melodies.
From Mesa and Plain.
The Hako.
Impressions of the Wa-Wan Ceremony of the Omahas.
Indian Serenade.
Navajo War Dance.
Three Songs for a Low Voice.

Fillmore, John Comfort.
Indian Fantasia.

Gilbert, Henry F.
Indian Scenes.

Goldmark, Rubin.
The Call of the Plains.

Griffes, Charles.
Two Sketches for String Quartet.

Grunn, Homer.
Indian Nocturne.
Songs of Song-ah-tah.
Zuni Impressions.

Hanson, William F.
The Sun Dance.
Täm-män Nucah.

Herbert, Victor.

Jacobi, Frederick.
Indian Dances.
String Quartet on Indian Themes.

Kinscella, Hazel Gertrude.
Indian Sketches.

Kroeger, Ernest R.

Lieurance, Thurlow.
Fantasia on American Indian Themes.
Indian Love Songs.
Indian Suite.
Nine Indian Songs.
Sioux Indian Fantasie.
Songs of the North American Indian.
Two Indian Melodies.
Under Northern Skies.

Löring, Paul.

Loomis, Harvey Worthington.
Lyrics of the Red-Man.

MacDowell, Edward.
From an Indian Lodge.
Indian Idyl.
Second (Indian) Suite.

Miller, Horace Alden.
Melodic Views of Indian Life.

Nevin, Arthur.

Niehoaus, Lennie, and Leidig, Vernon.
Indian Chant and Dance.

Philipp, Isidor (Edmond).
Four Concert Pieces on Indian Themes.

Pochon, Alfred.
Indian Suite.

Skilton, Charles Sanford.
American Indian Fantasie.
Sioux Flute Serenade.
Suite Primevel.
Three Indian Sketches.
Two Indian Dances.

Stickney, Charles R.
Ghost Drums of the Oglala.

Stoepel, Robert.
Hiawatha, an Indian Symphony.

Stringfield, Lamar Edwin.
Indian Sketches.

Troyer, Carlos.
Ghost Dance of the Zunis.
Hymn to the Sun.
Kiowa-Apache War-Dance.
Midnight Visit to the Sacred Shrines.
Traditional Songs of the Zuni.
Two Zuni Songs.

Whiteley, Mrs. Bessie M.
Hiawatha's Childhood.



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   September 30, 2014
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