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Historic Bibliographies and Reference Aids

The Autoharp: A Select Listing of Instruction Books and Articles

Compiled by: Marsha Maguire
Publication Date: June 25, 1979

Adams-Jeremiah, Dorothy. The Autoharp: A Guide for Use in Accompaniment. South Croydon, Surrey, Eng.: Alfred Lengnick, 1966.

Allee, Ernie. Hymns and Gospel Songs for the Autoharp. Kansas City, MO: Lillenas Publishing Co., 1972.

Bair, Edna Mae. How to Teach your Class to Play Autoharp Accompaniments for Songs in Our Singing World. Boston: Ginn & Co., 1955.

Bayless, Kathleen M. A Practical Approach in Learning to Play the Autoharp. Kent, OH: Kathleen M. Bayless, 1968.

Blair, Elizabeth. Autoharp Accompaniments to Old Favorite Songs. Evanston, IL: Birchard Publishing Co., 1958.

Bowers, Bryan. "Teach-In: Tuning the Autoharp." Sing Out!, volume 24, number 1, March-April 1975, pp. 13-14.

Carlyle, J. J. Carlyle's Simple Method for Accompaniment for the Auto Harp. Leicester, Eng.: T. H. Crumbie, 1895.

Creutz, George M. The Autoharp Self-Instructor. N. p.: George M. Creutz, 1895.

Dykema, Peter William. Autoharp Accompaniments by Lillian Mohr Fox to Songs from Sing Out! Boston: C. C. Birchard and Co., 1953.

Fox, Dan and Meg Peterson. Instant Picture Chord Autoharp No. 1. New York: Remick Music Corp., 1967.

Fox, Lillian Mohr. Autoharp Accompaniments to Old Favorite Songs: Manual of Instructions. Boston: C. C. Birchard and Co., 1947.

Haase, H. D. H. D. Haase's Improved Method of Figure Music for the Autoharp. Greene, IA: H. D. Haase, 1897.

Hall, Frances. Christmas Songs for the Autoharp and How to Play Them. Boston: Boston Music Co., 1956.

Frances Hall's How to Play the Autoharp, Including 31 Favorite Songs with Autoharp Accompaniment. Boston: Boston Music Co., 1956.

Have Fun with Music on the Autoharp. Jersey City: Oscar Schmidt International, 1959.

Instructor for the Zimmerman Autoharp, Style No. 73. Jersey City: Oscar Schmidt International, 1947.

Krone, Beatrice Perham. Harmony Fun with the Autoharp. Chicago: Neil A. Kjos Music Co., 1952.

Ludwig, Alice Jeanne and Louis I. Ludwig. Colors and Chords for the Autoharp and other Chording Instruments. Brooklyn: Carl Van Roy Co., 1957.

McLaughlin, Roberta Grogan and Muriel Dawley. Make Music with the Autoharp. Brooklyn: Carl Van Roy Co., 1958.

Sing and Play with the Autoharp. N. p., 1954.

Null, Cecil. The Cecil Null Pickin' Style for the Autoharp. Nashville: Robert B. Ferguson Music, 1963.

Okun, Milton. John Denver's Greatest Hits: Autoharp -- Melody and Travis Picking. Greenwich, CT: Cherry Lane Music Co., 1977.

101 Songs for Autoharp and Recorder. New Westminster, British Columbia: Empire Music Publishers, 1965.

Peterson, Meg. The Many Ways to Play the Autoharp: A Modern Step by Step Instruction Book of Basic Techniques: Vol. 1. Jersey City: Oscar Schmidt International, 1966.

The Many Ways to Play the Autoharp: Advanced Techniques: Vol. 2. Jersey City: Oscar Schmidt International, 1966.

Pierce, Charles F. Pierce's New Method for the Autoharp. Bassett, NE: Charles F. Pierce, 1895.

Pratt, G. B. Pratt's Easy Method for Playing the Autoharp. Elgin, IL: Wilson Press, 1896.

Rightmire, Richard W. The Virtuoso Autoharp: A No-Note Method Leading to Solo and Accompaniment Playing. New York: Clef Music Publishing Corp., 1967.

Rogers, Lucretia. Let's Play the Autoharp. Minneapolis: Schmitt Foundation, 1961.

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Swanson, Bessie R. and David Sannerud. Music Fundamentals through Folk Song. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing Co., 1977. [For autoharp and guitar.]

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"Teach In: Autoharp." Sing Out!, volume 16, number 1, February-March 1966, pp. 38-39.

Waldrop, Evelyn Brock. "Happy Harmonizing." Music Journal, volume 10, number 6, September 1952, pp. 36, 42-43.

Sing 'n Strum Autoharp Song Folio. New York: William J. Smith Music Co., 1953.

Watters, Lorrain E. A Teacher's Guide for the Golden Autoharp. Des Moines: National Autoharp Sales Co., 1955.

Welsch, H. Welsch's New Method for the Autoharp. N. p.: H. Welsch, 1894.

For a historical survey of the autoharp, see Moore, A. Doyle, "The Autoharp: Its Origin and Development from a Popular to a Folk Instrument," New York Folklore Quarterly, volume 19, number 4, December 1963, pp. 261-274; reprint edition, Champaign, IL: University of Illinois Campus Folksong Club (Reprint Number 1), n. d.; also reprinted in Mugwumps, volume 2, number 1, January 1973, pp. 1-14.



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