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The Civil Rights History Project: Survey of Collections and Repositories

Veterans of the Mississippi civil rights movement project

Repository: Jackson State University. Margaret Walker Center

Collection Description (Extant): The Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement Project Collection contains videotaped personal interviews and stories, lecture series, conferences, board meetings and symposia.

The Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement Oral History Project has recognized the need to document the history of the Civil Rights Movement through the life stories of those that participated in making this history. Through a grant awarded by the Public Welfare Foundation, this documented history has been produced in audio and video form only.

Heretofore, historians, writers and graduate students from the state of Mississippi have been the collectors of Mississippi Civil Rights history. There is a lack of continuity between the understanding and appreciation for Civil Rights History among the younger generations. That problem stemmed from a misrepresentation of Civil Rights History because of a lack of authenticity. Many of the activists and community leaders would not share their personal stories because of the tremendous amount of internal pain engendered and a general feeling of mistrust as to how their stories would be used.

Those problems have been addressed through the organization of the Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement who have endorsed this work. As a group, we are concerned that authentic stories are recorded and used as teaching tools to encourage future generation of leaders. The Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement Oral History Project has been able to reach over 200 local and national activists, political and community leaders and grassroots people who actively worked in the various Mississippi communities of the movement. Their lives shaped and molded events that subsequently became known as the Civil Rights History of Mississippi.

After transcription and digitization, what will be produced by audio & video tapes will be housed at the Margaret Walker Alexander National Research Center on the campus of Jackson State University and will be available to scholars, students, community organizations, public and private schools, institutions of higher learning and the general public. Our goal is to assist in unveiling the truth that can be found in these authentic stories with a greater level of understanding about that important period of history!

Collection URL: External Link

Date(s): 2004-2010

Digital Status: No

Extent: Videocassette Tapes

Finding Aid URL: External Link

Language: English

Interviewees: Doug Anderson, James Anderson, Ruben Anderson, Louis Armstrong, Tom Armstrong, Curtis Austin, Fred Banks, Rims Barber, Marion Barry, Nancy Bartow, Bernice Bell, Unita Blackwell, Julian Bond, Heather Booth, Harry Bowie, Sam Bradford, A. B. Brittan, John Brittan, Al Bronstein, Owen Brooks, Catherine Burks Brooks, Ed Brown, Margaret Burnham, Ruth Campbell, Eddie Carthan, C. O. Chinn, Mamie Chinn, Alyce Clark, Fred Clark, Robert Clark, Charlie Cobb, Ed Cole, Clint Collier, Peggy Jean Conner, MacArthur Cotton, Courtland Cox, Constance Curry, Kenneth Dean, Dave Dennis, Doris Derby, Armand Derfner, Dion Diamond, L. C. Dorsey, Les Dunbar, Charles Evers, Frank Figgers, Jearlean Funchess, Myrtle Galascoe, Roberta Galler, Jimmie Garrett, Jan Goodman, Duncan Gray, George Green, Polly Greenberg, Ira Grupper, Lawrence Guyot, Bill Harbour, Vincent Harding, John Hardy, Emory Harris, Jessie Harris, Constance S. Harvey, John Heyman, Jan Hillegas, Charles Horwitz, Jean Phillips Hudson, Timothy Jenkins, D'Quincy Johnson, Frankye Johnson, C. J. Jones, Eula Bowie Jones, Lavoree Jones, Matt Jones, David Jordan, James Kates, Margaret Kibbee, Ed King, Mary King, Henry Kirksey, Dorrie Ladner, Marilyn Lowen, Chockwe Lumumba, Bob Mants, Helen McCray-O'Neal, Leslie McLemore, James McRee, James Meredith, Sheila Michaels, Coleman Miller, Mike Miller, Danny Mitchell, Dick Molphus, J. P. Moody, Jr., Bob Moses, Joan Mulholland, Spencer Nash, Charles Neblett, Martha Noonan, Thomas Norman, John O'Neal, Pauline Knight Ofusu, Wendell Paris, Carolyn Parker, John Perkins, Ineva Pittman, Faye Bellamy Powell, Michael Raff, Al Rhodes, Reginald Robinson, Irene Rosenfield, Larry Rubin, Emma Sanders, Everett Sanders, Barbara Schaum, Cleveland Sellers, Charles Sherrod, Aaron Shirley, Robert Smith, Frank Smith, Norman Smith, Mon Stowers, Fulani Sumni-Ali, Bobby Talbot, Harriet Tanzman, Wendell Taylor, Michael Thelwell, Bennie Thompson, Muriel Tillanghast, Charles Tisdale, Jeremy Tobin, Ian Tomlin, Brenda Travis, Jimmy Travis, Robert Walker, Hollis Watkins, William Winter, Flonzie Goodloe Wright, Andrew Young, Charles Young, Gene Young, Jean Smith Young, Dottie Zellner

Rights (CRHP): Contact the repository which holds the collection for information on rights


African American civil rights workers--Mississippi
African Americans--Civil rights--Mississippi
Civil rights movements--Mississippi
Civil rights workers--Mississippi
Evers, Medgar Wiley, 1925-1963




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 home >> Civil Rights History Project >> Survey of Collections and Repositories >> Collections >> Collection Record

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   May 15, 2015
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