FLICC Sample KSAs for Librarian Positions GS 9-12

Systems Librarians


The FLICC Personnel Working Group is developing Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities statements (KSAs) in the areas of public services, systems, acquisitions, cataloging and administration/management. The KSAs can be used in vacancy announcements for federal positions. The document below is one of a series and is a "work in progress."

You are encouraged to visit this page during the process of preparing your own vacancy announcements and select the KSAs appropriate to your circumstances. These KSAs are intended as a guide and are not associated with specific grade levels nor are they intended to be used for the purpose of classifying 1410 positions.

The working group invites your comments and additions. Please email them to Kathy Eighmey, the FLICC staff liaison to the Personnel Working Group.

  • Professional knowledge of theories, objectives, principles and techniques of library and information science.

  • Knowledge of the organizational structure and programs of the agency of which the library is a part.

  • Knowledge of the planning, design, implementation and use of automated systems in a library environment.

  • Knowledge of library and agency information technology standards, policies and authorized system design approaches.

  • Knowledge of current and emerging information technologies to retrieve, develop and disseminate information products, services and tools.

  • Knowledge of systems analysis, design techniques, and database management across a variety of platforms.

  • Knowledge of microcomputer systems, software development, various operating systems and application of library automation software.

  • Knowledge and understanding of the latest computer hardware and software, local area networks and related technology.

  • Working knowledge of 2 of the following library functions: cataloging, acquisitions, document delivery, reference, circulation, and resource sharing.

  • Knowledge of automated integrated library systems used for cataloging and classification, serials, circulation, acquisitions and public access catalogs.

  • Knowledge of internal agency and external automated systems including, local and wide area networks, electronic mail, spread sheet, word processing and data management software systems.

  • Knowledge of information technology applications and management including telecommunications protocol, ADP equipment configuration, and government and agency ADP procurement regulations and procedures.

  • Knowledge of library automation with emphasis on computer based integrated library systems and MARC, OCLC, HTML, Z39.50 and world wide web formats.

  • Knowledge of the Government Information Locator System (GILS) and its use by the agency and its relevance to the library.

  • Knowledge of the content and structure of a variety of databases and integrated library systems in order to determine the most appropriate and cost effective one for providing information to the Library staff and users.

  • Knowledge of personal computers, electronic mail, remote access, client/server technology, local and wide area networks, the Internet, document imaging.

  • Knowledge of HTML, Java, and other coding principles, and of the structure of HTML documents.

  • Skills

  • Skill in the analysis and integration of library functional requirements into the design of a program to meet the needs of the organization.

  • Skill successful experience in gathering and analyzing data in order to identify the functional requirements of the library.

  • Skill in developing and interpreting needs assessments.

  • Skill the planning, design and implementation of an integrated library system.

  • Skill in analyzing various software packages and hardware configurations to determine which will meet the demands of the organization.

  • Skill in writing technical documentation.

  • Skill in drafting and updating written procedures and directives relating to electronic information resources.

  • Skill in communicating technical concepts orally and in writing.

  • Skill in consulting and working with information technology staff, contractors and library personnel to insure the needs of the library are met in the development and implementation of software and hardware applications and integrated library systems.

  • Skill in the preparation of statements of work and other procurement documents.

  • Skill in resolving user access and other technical problems often in coordination with the information technology staff.

  • Skill in developing web-related applications to create personal or library web pages and content.

  • Skill in the use of HTML.

  • Skill in coordinating the delivery of online services and systems, identifying new software and methods of access to commercial databases .

  • Skill in administering commercial database services and /or integrated library systems.

  • Skill in coordinating the testing and implementation of new automated systems designed to support the activities of the library.
  • Abilities

  • Ability to obtain information, define problems or questions, identify relationships, evaluate quality, assess impacts, draw conclusions, and make recommendations

  • Ability to monitor technological trends and advise library staff about equipment and software

  • Ability to provide technical information guidance to library staff and user representatives to formulate requirements to produce major modifications to the way the Library interacts with its users or its systems

  • Ability to develop an overall system design and a timetable for developing and implementing each subsystem

  • Ability to analyze, integrate, and establish functional requirements for preparing statements of work and procurement related documents

  • Ability to prepare specifications for the procurement of off-the-shelf hardware and software components taking into account budgetary constraints.

  • Ability to draft Statements of Work and accompanying paperwork for contract assistance.

  • Ability to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of automated procedures and to develop long range plans.

  • Ability to perform studies on new automation technologies.

  • Ability to evaluate commercial databases.

  • Ability to learn new library and computer technology and stay current with technical developments.

  • Ability to plan, design, test, implement and evaluate a variety of information technologies for integrated library systems and software applications.

  • Ability to assess information required to establish new information technology, develop innovative information programs and evaluate the effectiveness of existing and proposed information technology.

  • Ability to analyze and determine library computing requirements, develop new means of delivering service, coordinate and implement new electronic services and support ongoing services.

  • Ability to lead the library in creating innovative user-responsive electronic services.

  • Ability to be a creative leader committed to the exploration, design and implementation of innovative digital library collections and services.

  • Ability to effectively advise library staff of new services, features and procedures affecting database use.

  • Ability to concurrently manage multiple projects, administer systems, troubleshoot computing problems, plan and manage change in the Library's computing environment and act as liaison with other information technology professionals.

  • Ability to establish and implement local standards, policies and procedures for the use of electronic resources within the institution.

  • Ability to contribute to and support Internet initiatives by maintaining and developing the Library's web site, serve as webmaster and coordinate Internet activities as requested.

  • Ability to represent Library interests on internal and external committees.

  • Ability to work effectively through teams, committees and working groups to choose, develop and implement technology across the agency.

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