The exhibition and checklist were prepared with funds provided by the Caroline and Erwin Swann Memorial Fund for Caricature and Cartoon. The Swann Fund supports an ongoing program at the Library of Congress of preservation, publication, exhibition, acquisition, and scholarly research in the related fields of cartoon, caricature, and illustration.

Staff for the Exhibition

  • Harry Katz, Curator - Prints and Photographs Division
  • Irene B. Chambers - Interpretive Programs Officer

Prints and Photographs Division

  • Lisa Lee, Research Assistance and Graphic Design
  • Sara W. Duke, Curatorial Project Assistant

Interpretative Programs Office

  • Martha Hopkins, Exhibit Director
  • Deborah Durbeck, Production Officer
  • Tambra Johnson, Registrar
  • Christopher O'Connor, Exhibit Production Specialist
  • Gwynn Wilhelm and Denise Agee.

Graphics Unit

  • Stanley Bandong, Graphic Designer

Network Development & MARC Standards Office

  • Julie Mangin
    Elizabeth Miller
    Moryma Aydelott