I am sending greeting to all the members of Radio Azadi.

I would like to introduce Sanjawand, a new part of the Logar Province close to the Baraki Barak district. At one time there were only three houses standing in this place, but today it has a large population consisting of almost nine hundred families. Sanjawand has famous shrines that numerous people visit, as well as historical and archaeological sites. Those were dug up by researchers from the Ministry of Culture and Information, who found sculptures, pearls, beads, and ancient monuments, including some very old walls and the ruins of old houses that reveal the traces of an ancient kingdom, perhaps even the remains of a Buddhist empire.

We have only one primary school here, and it is located so far for some students that they have to walk fourteen kilometers every day to attend school. The literacy rate is currently at ten percent. Most people live in poverty. Their main source of livelihood is agriculture, however, there has been a drought for several years and people are suffering from the lack of water. We do not have any health-care centers in Sanjawand. Up to now the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) has not come to work here.

I kindly request to Radio Azadi to include this letter in its programs.