I am sending my warm greetings to the entire staff of Radio Azadi.

In our country, even in Kabul city, which is the capital of Afghanistan, the postal service is very bad. Whenever I want to send a letter through the post office in Kabul, I have to go through several security checks, and after overcoming all these obstacles, the people working there tell me they have no envelopes and that I have to go and buy them from the market. So I have to leave the post office, buy the envelope from the market, and then once again go through all the security checks [in order to mail my letter].

In short, it is extremely difficult to send a simple letter abroad. In addition, the poor service at the post offices in Afghanistan forces us to leave our jobs [in order to go and post a letter?]

I, therefore, kindly request that you read all my letters when you receive them. If you read just one of the four letters I sent you, then you are not paying enough attention to the problems that we are facing in Afghanistan. Please read this letter [on the air] so that the officials at the post office hear this.

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