I am sending greeting to all employees of Radio Azadi.

As every one knows, nowadays there is a great deal of corruption in every ministry in the current government. We are local teachers in the Gohar Khatoon School in Mazar-i Sharif. We have grave concerns with regards to government policies. Most of the people who work for the government do not have the necessary qualifications for the positions they hold. Most of those officials have paid bribes or acquired fake documents to get their jobs. Many of the people who get teaching jobs do so through their personal contacts or by paying bribes, even though they do not have the proper documents to prove that they have graduated from high school. The qualified teachers are thus being deprived of the teaching positions they deserve. Teaching jobs are very important because teachers produce doctors and engineers, as well as other significant leaders in their community.

I kindly request that Radio Azadi convey our message to the Minister of Education, Mr. Hanif Attmar.

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