We are all students and we send our heartfelt greetings to the entire team of Radio Azadi.
This letter is addressed to Mr. Zarif Nazar [from Radio Azadi].

We are students at Mulana Yaqub high school in Logar province in the district of Charkh.

Our complaint is about the teachers in our school who do not teach, nor treat the students properly. They beat them without any reason. Some teachers take bribes, and allow lazy students to pass their exams, whilst failing intelligent students. Some teachers force students to take private lessons for which they charge extra fees. Sometimes they oblige students to help them with personal matters such as working in their fields. They have even asked the students to buy them gifts. The teachers pay no attention to students or to teaching them. Many students have now decided to quit school because of these problems and demands. We really don't know if there are regulations that deal with those issues, and that determine who is responsible for this state of affairs. And also why is there no punishment?

We kindly request that you read this letter on the radio, and that you apprise the Minister of Education, and other related officials, of this situation.

We hope that Radio Azadi will play an important role in solving this problem.