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[Wilbur Wright in Europe] Postcard, ca. 1908-1909 from The Dream of Flight

[Wilbur Wright in Europe] Postcard, ca. 1908-1909, from The Dream of Flight

The Library of Congress offers other institutions and cultural organizations the opportunity to host touring exhibitions from its diverse exhibition program. The following exhibitions are currently on tour.

An American Sport

Baseball Americana at Nationals Park

The Library of Congress is now pleased to share some highlights from its baseball collections with fans at Nationals Park. This exhibition celebrates the rich tradition of baseball here in Washington and across our country. It explores those who play the game and those who cheer them on. America and baseball grew up together—a democratic sport for a democratic nation. Transcending class and gender, the game is embedded in our history and consciousness like no other.

Traveling exhibitions now available for booking:

There are currently no exhibitions available for travel.