Exod. 13:1-3

  1. (1)And spoke
  2. the Lord to
  3. Moses
  4. saying, (2)"Consecrate
  5. to Me every first-born
  6. the first issue of every womb of the
  7. Israelites, man
  8. and beast is Mine."
  9. (3)And Moses said to the people,
  10. "Remember this day
  11. on which you went (free)
  12. from Egypt, the house of bondage,
  13. how with a mighty hand
  14. the Lord freed you from it; no
  15. leavened bread shall be eater. (4)This day

Transcription by J. T. Milik; translation adapted from "Tanakh," pp. 103-4. Philadelphia, 1985.

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