1. …with money…
  2. …[his means did not] suffice to [return it to him] and the year [for redemption approaches?]…
  3. …and may God release him? from his sins. Let not [ ] in one, for
  4. it is an abomination…And concerning what he said (Lev. 25:14), ["When you sell
  5. anything to or buy anything from] your neighbor, you shall not defraud one another," this is the expli[cation…
  6. …] everything that he knows that is found…
  7. …and he knows that he is wronging him, whether it concerns man or beast. And if
  8. [a man gives his daughter to another ma]n, let him disclose all her blemishes to him, lest he bring upon himself the judgement
  9. [of the curse which is said (Deut. 27:18)] (of the one) that "makes the blind to wander out of the way." Moreover, he should not give her to one unfit for her, for
  10. [that is Kila'yim, (plowing with) o]x and ass and wearing wool and linen together. Let no man bring
  11. [a woman into the holy] who has had sexual experience, whether she had such experience
  12. [in the home] of her father or as a widow who had intercourse after she was widowed. And any woman
  13. [upon whom] there is a bad name in her maidenhood in her father's home, let no man take her, except
  14. [upon examination] by reliable [women] who have clear knowledge, by command of the Supervisor over
  15. [the Many. After]ward he may take her, and when he takes her he shall act in accordance with the law …and he shall not tell…
  16. [ ] L [ ]

Transcription and translation by J. Baumgarten

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