1. affectionate
  2. wishes to be helpful
  3. Fond of Richard but selfish to him (when he went up for operation and did not come back, wept and was inconsolable)
  4. continually asking questions. What is that? What does that word mean?
  5. always busy at something
  6. very bright + original
  7. curious
  8. expresses herself very well
  9. tantrums consist of much impertinent talking or (when Mother waving hands) stamping feet, etc.
  10. great determination + perseverance when wants anything
  11. not orderly but willing to pick up
  12. Fond of out door life
  13. Social - anxious for companionship, but plays well alone.
  14. Some sense of humor
    Likes jokes
  15. Soon repentant
  16. Likes to get best of people.
  17. Makes rhymes
    "It will dry up but I don't care
    Have to do it before I swear."
    Speculated at [?] Only a [joke?]
  18. Remembers friends [examples illegible]
  19. Great interest in facts - [animals?], digestion. How are people made?
  20. Loved Katharine
    Says Richard does not understand
    Inclined to accept things
  21. Does not like to be blamed or scolded.

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