Transcription of Portion of Notes

F.B. One rather fundamental quest[ion] on How do you think soc[ial] org[anizatio]n. as it may dev[elop] in a given tribe is determining of relationship. This is important because of the interpretation that has been made on this basis.

R.F.B. Certainly striking connection between clan + [gender?] + [terms?] [of? Plains? and Cal?]. But they have gone without social organization.

F.B. P[oin]t is can soc[ial] org[anizatio]n change without adapting relationship system.

R.F.B. Tribes occur with different [?] 1 + 2, and yet no different social org[anizatio]ns.

F.B. Bella Bella -
(I) Had patrilineal descent, but whole system of relationship terms is bilateral like ours. Absolute incongruity between soc[ial] [custom?] and terminology.


I'm inclined that the interrelation bet[ween] soc[ial] org[anizatio]n + relationship system has been very much overdone.