Janet Fish's Preserved Peaches


Commentary by Katherine Blood
Curator of Fine Prints - Prints and Photographs Division at The Library of Congress

The piece by Janet Fish has this wonderful pop sensibility. It takes an everyday object and it presents it as extraordinary. She's Boston born artist, and she started out - she was studying at Yale and she started out working in an abstract way, and started becoming interested in representation, which was against the vogue at the time. But one of her instructors, Alex Katz, who's also a wonderful realist artist, encouraged her.

And so she took off on a journey looking at still life. And this is a great example of one of her still life prints. It's a sort of Mason jar filled with fruit, sort of preserved fruit. And what - the pop sensibility comes in the way that she expands the - she explodes the scale, she fills the sheet with it and it becomes not a purely realist image but magic - sort of magic realism. It's surreal, it fills the page and she gives the negative space around it and just proposes to you to take a look again at this quotidian object and think about it and reconsider it.

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