Becoming American
Making it as an American


where the ships sailed in from the
North Sea to the Baltic. Fretful
and miserable I lay looking out
upon the sunlit waters. The
world was dark and dreary, until
all at once a ship sailed by with
the stars and stripes flung to the
breeze. That moment I knew what
ailed me. I was just homesick.
I sat up in bed and shouted and . . .

laughed and cried by turns
waving my handkerchief to the
flag out there. They thought I had
lost my head, but I told them no,
thank God, I had found it, and
my heart too, at last. I knew
then that it was my flag; that
my children’s home was mine in
truth, that I also had become an American
in truth. And I thanked God and,
like unto the man sick of the palsy,
arose from my bed and went home, healed.

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