Lieut. Edgar M. Newcome—
19th Mass—shot at Frederickburg
shot on Saturday.
his brother Chas B. came to
visit him, slept with him in
F the night before the battle, and
remained to care for him until
his death—reside in Boston…

[. . . ]

Lacy House

Riley Falkner - 7th Mich.
Shot through lungs in Boat
Sat for days in 3rd room at
Lacy House - Ward 10-B23
Resides in Denmark. Astubula Co
Ohio -

Emory Hospital Ward K.
John Daley-Co K 28th Mass
Milford-flesh [wound?] thigh

Wm Otersen. 59th NY. Co. K.
NY. City. Arm shattered.

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