Churchill and the Great Republic

6 Nov. 1912

My dear Sunny,

I do hope you are making good and regular progress, & will be the better for the step you have taken. I am told that even after one gets up, on sh'd avoid heavy work and worry. Although (neoderm?) surgery is so exact & certain within its limits, these are other stresses upon the nerves (and/which) require to be met with repose after such and operation.

Let us know your ? when you are able to leave Paris.

Here we are in the midst of stirring affairs. The Turk must go. He has not the brains for civilisation or modern war. His military virtues are those of an earlier age. It is no good propping up by diplomacy an unnatural & evil domination. We shall do nothing to correct or retard the swift march of events & armies. But the European situation is far from safe, & anything might happen. It only needs a little ill will or bad faith on the part of a great power to precipitate a far greater conflict. Happily Austria seems to be accommodating herself to the new situation to a very large extent.

What (liars/liases?) those Bulgars are!

At home the Home Rule controversy is quite dull & boring & the bill is passing through the House by large majorities. F. E. & other aspirants to power & office are rather glum. But governments are strong things, made to stand kicking, and certainly nothing could look more solid than the present Parliamentary position.

We all drank your health last night at the regimental dinner, and everyone was very nice about you. They w'd[would] be furious if you took yourself off. I told French and L/Seer that it was essential to the welfare of the regiment that you sh'd[should] have a seasoned team. There will be no difficulty about this.

French tells me I can be selected for a Yeomanry brigade at any time I am able to take up the work. I wish I c'd[could] do it now. But these ships! The Admiralty is a most exacting mistress. I have given up all others for her - except Clemmie who sends you her best love with every hope of a steady recovery.

Your affectionate cousin


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