21 December 1900 Hotel Touraine


I encountered a great deal of difficulty in starting my tour properly. First of all the interest is not what Maj Pond made out and secondly there is a strong pro-Boer feeling, which has been fomented against me by the leaders of the Dutch, particularly in New York. However, all is now in train, but the profits are small compared to England and so far the result to me as follows:

  • Philadelphia £120
  • New York £150
  • Newhaven £ 40
  • Washington £ 50
  • Baltimore £ 35
  • Boston £ 66
  • New Bedford £ 40
  • Springfield £ 30
  • Hartford £ 10
  • Fall River £ 40

average about £ 50 per lecture

. . . deal about the political situations there. It is worrisome to hear all this serious news ?. And when one is so far from home. I do not however take a gloomy view of the military situation: the political is indeed black and unsettled.

With much love
Your loving son

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