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James W. McColl letters, 1864

Three Confederate prisoners at Gettysburg

Three Confederate prisoners of war at Gettysburg
Library of Congress,

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South Carolina Historical Society (Charleston, S.C.)
James W. McColl fought in Company E of the 19th Battalion of the South Carolina Cavalry.  It was formed in Jan.-Feb. 1865 by consolidating five independent cavalry companies. It participated in several battles in South Carolina. Later the unit fought in the North Carolina Campaign, and surrendered with the Army of Tennessee at the end of the war.
Two letters from James W. McColl of Marlboro County, S.C., to his sister Mary C. McColl. In the first letter, dated Sept. 21, 1864, at Charleston, S.C., he complains of having little to eat and mentions:
"300 Yankee prisoners in Mount Pleasant [who] say if they ever get back they will never fight again."
James also sends instructions on taking care of the cows for the winter at home, and in a postscript mentions a barrel of whiskey found on the beach by one of his unit's pickets:
"It was brought to camp and they had a perfect spree ... but I drank not a drop."
In the second letter, dated Oct. 14, 1864, at Long Island (i.e., Isle of Palms, S.C.), James writes to his sister concerning shoes for the family and "the Negroes," the potato crop at home, and other family matters.  Included with the letters are typewritten transcriptions; some McColl family information; and photocopies of roster cards for Private J.W. McColl, Co. E, 19th Battalion South Carolina Cavalry, and Private W. McColl, Co. G, 23rd South Carolina Infantry (Hatch's Coast Rangers) taken from records held at Fort Moultrie, S.C.

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 Home    Documentary Heritage of the Civil War    Part 2, 2012: "Gone to be a Soldier"    James W. McColl letters, 1864
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   October 16, 2014
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