Marta Turok

Marta Turok is an anthropologist specializing in Mexican folk art and socio-economic development. She heads CENIDEART, the Research Center at the Escuela de Artesanías of the National Institute of Fine Arts and is the curator for the Ruth D. Lechuga  folk art collection. She has worked in such Mexican federal agencies as the National Indigenous Institute, the Popular Cultures office, and FONART. She founded AMACUP, a non-profit NGO that developed contemporary products based on traditional techniques. Her publications include Como acercarse a la artesanía and El caracol púrpura: una tradicion milenaria en Oaxaca, as well as numerous articles. She is a pioneer in the analysis of symbolism in Chiapan textiles; she has trained craftspeople and artisans in marketing and the environment; and for 40 years has served as a judge in Mexican craft contests. She has lobbied actively for the preservation of Mexico’s sacred purple snail and for other issues related to indigenous culture.  Her awards and recognitions include the Música de la Tierra Award; AMACUP Marketable Crafts Award; and UNESCO De Facto Award for Innovation in Crafts for Mexico and Latin America.