Rubén Gallo (external link)

Rubén Gallo is an award-winning writer, scholar and professor. At Princeton, he teaches courses on Freud, the avant-garde, and other aspects of twentieth-century culture. He has been the director of the Program in Latin American Studies since 2008. Gallo’s Mexican Modernity is a study of the Mexican avant-garde’s fascination with machines. In 2003 he organized an international conference on “Radio and the Sound of Modernity.” His book, Freud’s Mexico, explores the ways in which Mexican writers and artists, from Octavio Paz to Remedios Varo, read psychoanalytic texts—including a discussion on Freud’s ideas about Mexico. In 2009, Gallo spent a semester in Vienna as the Fulbright-Freud Scholar of Psychoanalysis. He is on the board of the Freud Museum in Vienna, and has lectured on Freud at the Freud House in London. He is now working on a book on Proust’s Latin Americans—the first study of Marcel Proust’s friendships and love affairs with Latin Americans. He received a BA in English from Yale University, and a PhD in Comparative Literature from Columbia University. Before Princeton, he taught at Cornell and the University of Toronto.