Álvaro Enrigue

© Photo courtesy of Zony Maya

Álvaro Enrigue is the award winning author of four novels and two anthologies of short stories. His work has been translated into numerous languages.  He has been an editor for the Fondo de Cultura Económica and a member of the editorial board of Letras Libres of Mexico.  He is a literary critic in Mexico and Spain. His first novel, La muerte de un instalador, won the Joaquín Mortiz Award.  Enrigue’s novel El cementerio de sillas was selected best novel by Tempestad, a Mexican literary journal. In November 2013, he won Spain's coveted Premio Herralde for his novel Muerte súbita. One of a cast of rising young Mexican writers, Enrigue’s work has been classified as postmodern; whereas it might be more precise to declare that he revisits ancient themes in a contemporary way. He holds an undergraduate degree in communications from the Iberoamerican University of Mexico, where he was also a professor in the Department of Literature.  He obtained an MA and PhD in Latin American Literature from the University of Maryland where he also taught composition and translation.