Carmen Boullosa

Photo courtesy of Mike Wallace (external link)

Carmen Boullosa is a Mexican novelist, poet, and essayist.  She is the recipient of the Mexican Xavier Villaurrutia Award, the German Liberatur and Anna Seghers awards, and the Spanish Café Gijón Award for her novel El complot de los románticos.  She was a Guggenheim Fellow at the Cullman Center of New York, the Mexican Center for Writers, and resident writer of the DAAD in Berlin.  She was a part of Mexico’s National System for Creators.  She has been a visiting professor at Columbia, Georgetown and SDSU, and a recipient of the Andrés Bello Professorship at NYU, as well as the Alfonso Reyes Professorship at the Sorbonne. She has also taught at the City University of New York.  She participates in NY-Emmy Award winning television show, Nueva York (CUNY T.V.).  Her most recent novel is Texas(Alfaguara, 2013).