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Information about the new Cataloger's Desktop's user interface that LC will be launching on September 10, 2014 is available for download here

Training for the new user interface is available here
Cataloger's Desktop 3.0 Cataloger's Desktop combines the most widely used cataloging documentation resources into an integrated, online system. Desktop features a significantly enhanced bibliographic web-based toolbox, including:
  • Greatly expanded search and information discovery techniques
  • Subscriber-customizable interface
  • Intuitive resource organization
Cataloger's Desktop includes more than 300 resources, including the OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards and Describing Archives, a Content Standard (DACS).

RDA Toolkit External Link

Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules External Link
RDA: Resource Description and Access in Cataloger's Desktop
Subscribers to both Cataloger's Desktop and the RDA Toolkit (separate subscriptions) can access the Toolkit within Cataloger's Desktop. In addition:
  • Following RDA links allow Desktop subscribers to access the full functionality of RDA Toolkit, including workflows;
  • Linking from LC Policy Statements and the MARC formats to RDA is provided;
  • Cataloger's Desktop subscribers with RDA Toolkit logins can enter their RDA Toolkit login in their Desktop preferences so both products work seamlessly together.
AACR2 in Cataloger's Desktop
While using Cataloger's Desktop you can look up a rule in AACR2 and then easily consult the rule's LC Rule Interpretation (LCRI). Also features extensive links from the MARC 21 formats.

Note: Cataloger's Desktop subscribers who wish to have access RDA or AACR2 must also subscribe to RDA Toolkit.

Enhanced access to AACR2 through Cataloger's Desktop
Subscribe to the RDA Toolkit External Link
RDA in Cataloger's Desktop FAQs
AACR2 in Cataloger's Desktop FAQs

WebDewey in Cataloger's Desktop
Subscribers to both Cataloger's Desktop and the WebDewey (separate subscriptions) can access Dewey within Cataloger's Desktop. In addition:
  • Cataloger's Desktop provides convenient access to Dewey training and the DDC Glossary.
  • Cataloger's Desktop also includes linked DDC data in several languages.
This important enhancement brings Dewey Decimal Classification to your Cataloger's Desktop work session, making both services more useful for DDC libraries.

Note: Cataloger's Desktop subscribers who wish to access WebDewey must also subscribe to the WebDewey subscription service.

Library of Congress Announces Enhanced Access to Cataloging Services and Applications
Subscribe to the WebDewey External Link
WebDewey in Cataloger's Desktop FAQs

DACS in Cataloger's Desktop
While using Cataloger's Desktop you can look up a rule in Describing Archives: a Content Standard ("DACS") and then easily consult the parallel AACR2 rule and LCRIs. Also features extensive links to the MARC 21 format.

Visit the SAA website External Link for a print version of DACS.
WebDewey External Link

Describing Archives: a Content Standard (DACS) External Link
"I know my catalogers appreciate having at their disposal all these tools on Desktop. They talk like they've always had them--and always would want to."

Steven L. Sowell
Interim Associate Dean and Acting Head of Technical Services
Indiana University Library


Cataloger's Desktop provides fingertip access electronically to LC's most heavily used cataloging publications. With hypertext links, a single click moves you from one tool to the relevant section of others:

  • Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR2) (Requires separate subscription to the RDA Toolkit External Link)
  • Describing Archives: a Content Standard (DACS)
  • Library of Congress Policy Statements
  • Library of Congress Rule Interpretations
  • Resource Description and Access (RDA) (Requires separate subscription to the RDA Toolkit External Link )
  • Subject Cataloging Manuals
  • MARC 21 Formats
  • Latest editions of all MARC code lists
  • Complete list of resources

Bruce Johnson, Cataloger's Desktop Manager: "Cataloger's Desktop brings up-to-date cataloging documentation to your workstation with a minimum of effort on your part ... and no looseleaf interfiling!"

Cataloger's Desktop is a revolutionary cataloging tool created by the Library of Congress. Here's how it helps you control your time and work more efficiently.

  • Helps you find relevant rules fast--with a variety of approaches.

  • Locates data through a table of contents viewer ... through boolean, keyword, phrase, and proximity searches ... or from index references.

  • Hypertext links make it easy to move from relevant sections of one publication to another with a single keystroke.

  • Allows you to customize your files to suit your needs and create a personal file initialized by your password. Includes personalized notes, bookmarks, highlighting, and links. The notes can also be applied to each update of the product without having to file new pages or manually transfer important information.

  • Copy-and-paste capability is available. Copy important sections of Desktop resources and insert them into your own references.

All this can be done without leaving your workstation--just pull up the program on your personal computer while you catalog.

"I'm pleased that when I want to look for something, I know just where to look and I don't have to page through all the books."

Jane M. Gillis
Catalog Librarian, Rare Book Team
Yale University Library

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