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Young reader asking a question at the National Book Festival

This section will help students, educators and parents bring the magic of the National Book Festival to their classrooms, libraries and homes.

Begin by reviewing the Hosting Guide, which will guide you through our book festival Kids and Teachers resource pages and show you how to host local reading celebrations. Students can work with their parents, teachers and librarians and follow these easy steps to organize book festivals in their classrooms, libraries and homes.

Meet the 2013 National Book Festival youth genre authors by visiting Meet the Authors. Once you choose an author, read the author's bio to get an idea of who you would like to celebrate at your book festival. And, check out the author's Scoop to discover the stories behind their stories.

Don't forget to download and display the 2013 National Book Festival Poster in your home, school, local library and community.

Get people excited and invite them to your book festival by getting permission to make announcements over your school's PA system, putting up flyers in your library and classrooms and emailing your friends.