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School group holding up books at the National Book Festival

Hosting Guide

Use this guide to create your own local reading celebrations for young readers. Students should work with their parents, teachers and librarians and follow these easy steps to organize book festivals in their classrooms, libraries and homes.

Choose the Authors

  • Visit the 2017 Meet the Authors list. Read the authors' bios to get an idea of who you would like to learn about at your book festival. Check out the author scoops and discover the stories behind their stories. Read, read, read!

Prepare for Your Book Festival

  • Get others involved in your book festival! Collaborate with your school's media specialist or the librarian at your local library and share this website with your friends.
  • Choose a date for your book festival.
  • Download and display the National Book Festival poster in your home, school, local library and community.
  • Download photos of the authors who will be featured at your book festival.
  • Keep on reading!

Promote Your Book Festival

  • Get people excited and invite them to come to your book festival by getting permission to make announcements over your school's PA system, putting up flyers in your library and classrooms and emailing your friends.
  • Continue reading!

During the Book Festival

  • Discuss the 2017 authors with your friends, family and classmates. If you could meet any of the authors in person, who would it be and why? Have you read any of the authors’ favorite books? Who’s your favorite character in all of the authors’ books?
  • Read aloud your favorite pages or chapters from the authors' latest books.
  • Play the author videos and podcasts and discuss what you heard.
  • Organize a book club with your friends to read and discuss your favorite books each month.
  • Get creative – practice writing and drawing with ideas from Learn from the Experts.
  • Ask your teachers if you can pick one of the National Book Festival author's books for your next book report.
  • Don't stop reading!