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The Access Level Record for Serials Working Group has tested record requirements that it recommends become the new CONSER standard for serials. Implemention of such a new CONSER standard will require decisions on appropriate authentication codes in field 042 and encoding levels in Leader/17.

Concurrent with this effort, OCLC implemented the new code "i" for integrating resources in June 2006. Authentication and distribution of these records by CONSER and BIBCO members is dependent on defining an appropriate authentication code or codes to be used by members of both programs for integrating resources.


Recommend appropriate encoding levels and authentication codes to be used in records for serials and for integrating resources, with the aim of providing clear and simple coding for PCC records. The recommended coding structure should meet requirements for record distribution and take into consideration the needs of particular constituencies, such as the ISSN Network and Library and Archives of Canada. The Group will also make recommendations on any changes needed to MARC21 requirements for full level records. The work may also include making general recommendations on:

  • · guidelines for PCC members on how to apply the codes
  • · timing and coordination needed for implementing new coding
  • · plans for reconciling codes in existing or "legacy" records
  • · changes needed in PCC documentation

Group Membership

The group is co-chaired by Regina Reynolds (LC) and Diane Boehr (NLM) and is comprised of a subset of members from the original Access Level Working Group, Robert Bremer (OCLC) representatives of BIBCO, a representative of the PCC Standards committee, and an ex-officio from CONSER and BIBCO.

Coordination with CDS, LC ILS

The group should liaison with representatives from CDS and LC that are involved with record distribution for serials and integrating resources.


September 15, 2006 for making recommendations.