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The PCC Tactical Plan has specific goals designed to increase BIBCO, CONSER, and NACO contributions. One strategy for increasing contributions is to increase PCC membership by providing or coordinating basic cataloging training to prepare libraries for membership. In addition, the Tactical Plan specifically directs the Training Committee to identify additional opportunities to educate the library community and provide continuing education programs for the community. The Task Group will follow the lead of the Serials Cataloging Cooperative Training Program (SCCTP) and survey the community at large about its perceived training needs, as they would relate specifically to the BIBCO and NACO programs and will outline the areas of greatest need among cataloging practitioners. The Task Group will review the SCCTP model and evaluate its viability as a model for authority control and non serial cataloging training.


The PCC Policy Committee charges the PCC Standing Committee on Training Task Group on Educational Needs of the Cataloging Community to:

  • Investigate the educational needs of the cataloging community, both among Program participants and the community at large
  • Survey catalogers and cataloging managers within the United States and elsewhere to discover the greatest training needs for authority work and non serial cataloging
  • Report the results of the survey and outline the training needs
  • Recommend specific training sessions on authority control and non serial cataloging
  • Evaluate the viability of the SCCTP model for authority control and non-serial cataloging
  • Recommend a time frame for implementation of training sessions
  • Describe the support required for implementation from other appropriate organizations.
  • Identify PCC participants to be tapped for developing the curricula

Time frame

Interim report due September 30. Final report due February 28, 2001.


Peter Fletcher
Tulane University
voice: 504.865.5696
fax: 504.865.6773
e-mail: [email protected]

Valerie Bross
University of California, Los Angeles
phone: 310.825.3749
fax: 310.206.4974
email: [email protected]

Laura Kimberly
AMIGOS Network
email: [email protected]

Mia Rode
Stanford University
voice: 650.725.1113
fax: 650.725.1120
email:[email protected]

Andrea Olson
Cleveland Public Library
email: [email protected]

Jerry Saye
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill voice: 919.962.8073
fax: 919.962.8071
email: [email protected]

Sylvia Turchyn
Indiana University
phone: 812.855.7690
fax: 812.855.7933
email: [email protected]

Rebecca Uhl
Arizona State University
phone: 480.965.9802
email: [email protected]

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