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Fundamental changes are taking place and being planned both in the approach to doing name and series authority work and in the rules which govern that work. Current NACO participants have requested refresher training sessions to assist them in keeping up with rule changes and with changes to NACO philosophy, noting the need for a more coordinated approach than the periodic updates to the FAQs, revisions to rules, and postings to various lists. The acceptance and continued growth of the PCC depends, in part, upon the quality of the records that its members contribute; continuing education of existing participants is a key component to ensure that quality. The task group will work with trainers and reviewers at the Library of Congress and NACO participants worldwide to accomplish its work.


The PCC Policy Committee charges the PCC Standing Committee on Training's Task Group on NACO Continuing Education to:

  • Define the intended audience and expected costs and benefits to the Program for Cooperative Cataloging
  • Develop a curriculum highlighting areas of greatest need for continuing education sessions for current NACO participants
  • Provide recommendations for implementing continuing education sessions that will reach as wide an audience as possible
  • Recommend frequency and structure of sessions
  • Recommend a mechanism for continuous review of the training materials

Time frame

Interim report on progress due October 15, 2000. Outline of curriculum due November 29, 2000. Curriculum and final report due March 2001.

In order to facilitate discussion the TG on Continuing Eduation has created a web site. This site contains progress reports and summaries of ongoing discussions, please visit this site with the understanding that this is a dynamic "work in progress".


Nancy Sack
Northwestern University
voice: 847.491.7585
email: [email protected]

Elizabeth Ankersen
Queens Borough Public Library
phone: 718.990.0731 or 0729
fax: 718.990.8566
email: [email protected]

Daniel CannCasciato
Central Washington University
phone: 509.963.2120
fax: 509.963.3684
email: [email protected]

Ana Cristán
Library of Congress
voice: 202.707.7921
fax: 202.707.2824
email: [email protected]

Caroline Miller
University of California, Los Angeles
voice: 310.825.4446
fax: 310.206.4974
email: [email protected]

Marty Joachim
Indiana Universty
phone: 812.855.4263
fax: 812.855.7933
email: [email protected]

Hugh Taylor
Cambridge University
phone: 44 1223-333000
fax: 44 1223-333160
email: [email protected]

David Van Hoy
Massachusets Institute of Technology
phone: 617.253.7137
fax: 617.253.2464
email: [email protected]

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