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SACO: Program for Cooperative Cataloging
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SACO Application/Information Form

Before filling in application please read the information about joining SACO
or contact the SACO coordinator at the Library of Congress

If applying for SACO Funnel participation use the Funnel information/application

1. Name of institution:
2. Address:

3. MARC 21 identification code:
Provide MARC 21 codes and names of other campus libraries that will also contribute SACO proposals if different from above:
4. Type of institution (check only one):
Please note: Participation in SACO requires a minimum contribution of 12 proposals annually. This may be a combination of new LCSH and/or LCC proposals or modifications to existing LCSH authority or LCC authority records.
Large (ARL or national library)
Small (state library, public library, college library, special library)
5. General comments on user community, collection strengths, particular area(s) of expertise, etc. (i.e., types of subject/classification areas most proposals would be in)

6. Local system/vendor:

7. Estimated total number of proposed subject headings or classification numbers to be contributed to SACO annually (beyond required minimum):

8. Number of staff at this institution who have attended SACO or LCSH workshops:
9. Would you be interested in hosting a SACO or LCSH workshop at your institution? If yes, please include potential dates by order of preference: if not, leave blank.

Optional information:
10. Do you currently contribute bibliographic records to a bibliographic utility?

Other (please explain):

Required information:

Name of Library Director:
Mailing Address:

Tel.: Fax: e-mail:

Name of Administrator (i.e., Head of Tech. Svcs., Head of Cataloging, or similar policy-level postition)
Mailing Address:

Tel.: Fax: e-mail:

Name of SACO contact (person responsible for day-to-day operation of SACO, review of headings, etc.)

Mailing Address:

Tel.: Fax: e-mail:

Name of Back up (must be different from SACO contact; serves in absence of primary SACO contact)

Mailing Address:

Tel.: Fax: e-mail:

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  April 14, 2011
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