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The Judaica Subject Authority Subject Funnel Project (begun Spring 2005) falls under the Library of Congress Cooperative Cataloging Program known as SACO (Subject Authority Cooperative Program) PCC SACO Home Page.

Members of the Library of Congress Hebraica team and also members of the NACO Hebraica funnel initiated this project. Heidi Lerner, Hebraica/Judaica Cataloger at Stanford University Libraries serves as coordinator of the Judaica SACO Funnel.

This funnel project provides a framework for proposing new subject headings and LC classification numbers required for cataloging materials relating to Jewish Studies and Hebraica, as well as needed revisions to subject headings and numbers.

Current participants in the Judaica (SACO) Funnel Project include:

  • Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (Cincinnati, Los Angeles and New York Campuses)
  • Stanford University
  • University of California, Berkeley

Anyone interested in becoming a participant in the funnel project should contact Heidi Lerner, Stanford University Libraries, by email at: [email protected] or by telephone: 650-725-9953.