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SACO Funnel Projects and Coordinators

PCC NACO Funnel Projects

African American Subject Funnel Project

Camille Ann Brewer
Executive Director
Black Metropolis Research Consortium (BMRC)
5720 South Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637
phone: 773-702-0653
email: [email protected]

Africana Funnel Project

Margaret W. Hughes
Stanford University
Lathrop Library
518 Memorial Way
Stanford, CA 94305
tel: 650.723.1259
e-mail:[email protected]

Arabic Funnel Project

Joyce Bell
Princeton University
tel: 609.258.8625
fax: 609.258.0441
email: [email protected]


Sherman Clarke
New York University Libraries (retired)
33 South Main Street
Alfred, New York 14802
tel: 607.587.8429
email: [email protected]

Colorado-Wyoming Subject Authority Funnel Project

Created September 22, 2008
Coordinator: Vacant

Hawaii/Pacific Subject Authority Funnel Project

Nancy Sack
University of Hawaii at Manoa
tel: 808.956.2648
fax: 808.956.5968
email: [email protected]

Judaica Subject Authority Funnel Project

Heidi Lerner
Stanford University
tel: 650.725.9953
fax: 650.725.1120
email: [email protected]

Law Funnel

Suzanne R. Graham
Cataloging Services Librarian
Alexander Campbell King Law Library
University of Georgia School of Law
email: [email protected]

Music Funnel -- Music Library Association (MLA) external link

MLA PCC Funnels external link

Nancy Lorimer
Metadata Department Head
Lathrop Library
518 Memorial Way
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305
tel: 650.725.8819
email: [email protected]

Northern Michigan University Subject Funnel Project

Krista E. Clumpner
Olson Library
Northern Michigan University
tel: 906.227.1205
fax: 906.227.1333
email: [email protected]

Northern New England Subject Authority Funnel Project

Penny Baker
Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute
tel: 413.458.0531
fax: 413..
email: [email protected]

Slavic Funnel

Larisa Walsh
Regenstein Library
University of Chicago
tel: 773.702.8726
fax: 773.702.6623
email: [email protected]

Virginia Subject Funnel Project

Amelia C. VanGundy
tel: 276.328.0154
email: [email protected]

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