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The African American Subject Funnel Project was constituted in the Spring of 2000 in order to contribute subject headings for inclusion in Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) through the SACO (Subject Authority Cooperative) Program of the PCC. This project developed through collaborative efforts between the Library of Congress and the African American Studies Librarians Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries. It is open to catalogers, reference librarians, and anyone else who wishes to participate. The current funnel project coordinator is Gemmicka Piper, MLIS/PhD, at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

The funnel project is concentrating on the creation of new subject headings and the changing or updating of old subject headings relating to the African American experience. Through this project participants of the funnel will focus on providing and improving access to African American resources. To date, a variety of headings have been proposed such as: African American---Reparations and African American social reformers. Subject changes have also been proposed and accepted which include changing the heading Afro-American to African American.

Interest in becoming a participant in the funnel project should be addressed to: Gemmicka Piper, MLIS/PhD at: [email protected] or by telephone: (513) 529-2789.