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By Region or Discipline

  • Art SACO - Sherman Clarke
  • Hawaii / Pacific Subject Funnel - Nancy Sack
  • Judaica Subject Funnel Project - Heidi Lerner, Caroline Miller
  • Northeastern U.S. - Sherman Clarke
  • Southern U.S. - Jimmie Lundgren
  • Southeastern U.S. - Mary Charles Lasater
  • Southwestern U.S. - Becky Uhl
  • California / West Coast - John Riemer, Caroline Miller
  • Pacific Northwest / Western Canada - Adam L. Schiff

Clarke, Sherman
Northeastern U.S.

Head of Original Cataloging
New York University
Elmer Holmes Bobst Library
70 Washington Square South
New York City, New York 10012
tel: 212.998.2462
fax: 212.995.4366

Lasater, Mary Charles
Southeastern U.S.

Jean and Alexander Heard Library
419 21st Avenue South
408 General Library Building
Nashville, Tennessee 37240-0007
phone: 615.343.2085
fax: 615.343.1292

Lerner, Heidi
Judaica Subject Authority Funnel Project

Stanford University
The Libraries/Catalog Department
Stanford, California 94305-6004
tel: 650.725.9953
fax: 650.725.1120

Lundgren, Jimmie
Southern U.S.

University of Florida Libraries
Cataloging and Metadata Department
P.O. Box 117007
Gainesville, Florida 32611
tel.: 352.392.0351
fax: 352.392.7365

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Miller, Caroline
Judaica Subject Funnel Assistant
California / Pacific Region

Head, Monographic Cataloging and
Authority/Database Maintenance Sections
UCLA Library Cataloging & Metadata Center
Charles E. Young Research Library
Los Angeles, California 90095-1575
phone: 310.825.4446
fax: 310.206.4974

Riemer, John
California / West Coast

Head, UCLA Library Cataloging & Metadata Center
Charles E. Young Research Library
(A1538, Campus mail code: 157511)
Los Angeles, California 90095-1575
phone: 310.825.2901
fax: 310.206.4974

Sack, Nancy
Hawaii / Pacific Subject Funnel

Cataloging Department
University of Hawaii at Manoa Library
2550 McCarthy Mall
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822
phone: 808.956.2648
fax: 808.956.5968

Schiff, Adam L.
Pacific Northwest / Western Canada

Principal Cataloger
University of Washington Libraries
Box 352900
Seattle, Washington 98195-2900
phone: 206.543.8409
fax: 206.685.8782

Uhl, Becky
Southwestern U.S.

Science Cataloger / Authority Control Coordinator
Arizona State University Libraries
Tempe, Arizona 85287
phone: 480.965.9802
fax: 480.965.1043

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