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  1. Purpose
    1. To assure that the Program for Cooperative Cataloging, hereafter referred to as the Program, is properly and appropriately identified and credited.
    2. To assure that the name, initials, abbreviations, or logo of the Program, or any unit thereof, is used only with the prior approval of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging or its designee.
    3. To ensure protection of the Program's intellectual property and, consequently that of its members.
    4. To clarify the permissible uses, restrictions, and authority for permissions required in connection with authorized use pursuant to this policy.
  2. Authority

    Authority to enforce this policy rests with the Program's Steering Committee.

  3. Definitions
    1. As used in this document, publication means any expression of words or thoughts in any form or format, including electronic media. It includes the whole range of products from signs, posters, and pamphlets, to brochures, books and web sites.
    2. As used in this document, cooperative publications are those publications in which the Program is a partner with the publisher by terms of a cooperative publishing agreement.
  4. Authorized use
    1. The name "Program for Cooperative Cataloging" or any initials, abbreviations, or logo is used officially to represent the Program and its constituent programs, projects, functions, activities, or elements thereof.
    2. The use of the Program's name, initials, abbreviations, or logo and those of its constituent programs (see attachment) explicitly or implicitly to endorse a product or service, or materials in any publication is prohibited, except as provided for in this document.
    3. Cooperative ventures
      1. The Program's name should appear in an appropriate and suitable location on all cooperative publications. The nature of the Program's relationship to the publication should be clearly stated, such as "published in association with..."
      2. The size, location, and other attributes of the Program's name, initials, abbreviations, or logo should be such that they do not imply the Program's endorsement of the publication unless such endorsement is expressly intended by the Program. Implicit or explicit endorsement may be approved only in those instances where the Program has sufficient control over the publication to ensure that the Program's expertise, objectives, etc. are adequately and accurately represented.
      3. Program participants working on cooperative projects outside the Program shall be responsible for notifying all collaborators of the Program's use of name regulations in writing.
      4. Noncommercial users, such as professional library associations, are encouraged to extend the customary professional courtesy of acknowledging the Program in publications, whether paper or electronic, and to use approved credit lines.
    4. Commercial use
      1. Any commercial use of the Program's name is permitted only by formal agreement.
      2. Advertising that displays or lists the Program as a user of any product or service or as the source of research information on which a commercial product, program or publication is based, is prohibited without the Program's prior written approval.
  5. Responsibility for overseeing
    1. Questions regarding the appropriateness of the use of the Program's name, initials, abbreviations, or logo shall be referred to the Chair of the Program via the Secretariat.
    2. All uses of the Program's name, initials, abbreviations, or logo on promotional materials must be reviewed and approved by the Program's Steering Committee.
    3. All violations, or suspected violations, of unauthorized use of name shall be reported to the Secretariat, who will inform the chair; the chair, in consultation with the Steering Committee, will take appropriate action.

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