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In November 1996, the CONSER Policy Committee and the PCC Executive Council met to discuss the merging of the two cooperative cataloging programs. The groups confirmed reasons why consolidation makes sense at this juncture, including:

  • Creating a more unified voice to speak for the cataloging community
  • Wedding the strengths of the two programs
  • Eliminating duplication between the two programs
  • Speeding decision-making
  • Broadening constituencies
  • Allowing for issues of shared concern to be addressed more effectively

It was agreed that the basic structure of the consolidated program should include a single, representative Policy Committee; a Steering Committee; separate BIBCO and CONSER Operations Committees; and Standing Committees on Automation, Standards, and Training. The consolidated program would benefit from a strategic plan that combines elements of the two programs' plans. Advisory relationships between the program and various interested constituencies will need to be optimized as well. The consolidation will take effect on October 1, and the new PCC Policy Committee will hold a planning meeting on November 13-14.

Please refer to the following documents for more detailed information about the consolidation of the two programs. These documents will be included here as they become available.

Refer to the following documents for information about the existing standing committees.

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