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Changes to the LC/NACO Authority File: What LC-PCC RDA Catalogers need to know (PDF : 9p. 220 KB) (Aug. 1, 2012)


PCC Day One for RDA Authority Records [Word: 3 p., 31 KB] (December 20, 2011)

    PCC Day One for RDA Authority Records is defined as the point after which all new authority records entering the LC/NACO Authority File must be coded RDA, and all access points on bibliographic records coded “pcc” must be RDA.

PCC and RDA: Frequently Asked Questions [Word: 12 p., 109 KB] (Last update: April 1, 2013)

    Information on PCC Transition to RDA, PCC and AACR2, RDA and Bibliographic Records, RDA and Authority Records, PCC Policy Decisions, RDA Training, and PCC Membership.

Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative

The Library of Congress has launched a review of the bibliographic framework to better accommodate future needs. A major focus of the initiative will be to determine a transition path for the MARC 21 exchange format in order to reap the benefits of newer technology while preserving a robust data exchange that has supported resource sharing and cataloging cost savings in recent decades.

All RDA questions should be directed to

Comments on PCC-related aspects of the US RDA Test may be sent to: with the words "PCC/RDA aspects" in the subject line