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NACO Series Institutes

The Program for Cooperative Cataloging periodically presents a three-day Series Institute for NACO libraries at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.* Catalogers from the Library of Congress and/or PCC institutions will serve as instructors.


The Institute is open to experienced NACO catalogers at independent NACO libraries. Because of the need to support series with cross references, qualifiers, etc., solid NACO skills are a prerequisite for series training which cannot be waived.

Course summary:

This course will focus on the relevant chapters of AACR2, the Library of Congress Rule Interpretations, the MARC21 Authority Format, and searching techniques for series.

Brief outline of series classes:

Day One Day Two Day Three
Session 1: General information/Overview Session 7: Subseries Session 10: Series-like phrases
Session 2: Sources; series statements Session 8: Qualifiers Session 11: Multipart items
Session 3: Heading Session 9: References Session 12: Successive entries
Session 4: Searching   Session 13: Modifying SARs
Session 5: Bibliographic details   Session 14: General review and expectations
Session 6: Treatment  

Prior to the workshop attendees will receive a document with required advanced reading in AACR2, the LCRIs, and MARC21 guidelines.

Each participant must print out the electronic files for training materials which appear on the PCC Series Training Website. These files comprise the training manual which should be brought to the class. Passwords to access these files will be sent to each registrant at least three weeks in advance of the training.

At the end of the course, participants will undergo review until they reach independence for contributing series authority records to the Library of Congress/NACO Authority File. Institutions with previous graduates of the series institute are expected to perform review for the new series trainees they send. In addition, Series Institute graduates are encouraged to train colleagues in their home institutions to contribute SARs.


Classes will be held at the Library of Congress on a Monday-Wednesday schedule and will be held in the Adams Building, Room LA100. They will start at 8:45 A.M. and finish at 4:30 P.M. each day of the three-day course. Participants coming from a distance will need to arrive the day before to take full advantage of the class.


The nearest accommodations would be the Capitol Hill Suites external link. The immediate northeast and southeast quadrants of Capitol Hill offer a variety of Bed and Breakfast accommodations. Please visit Washington, District of Columbia Bed and Breakfasts and Country Inns external link or Washington, DC Area Bed and Breakfast Accommodations, Ltd. external link for choosing other overnight accommodations. Holiday Inns Hotels & Resorts Reservations external link also offer other hotel accommodations located in Washington, D.C. or Virgina and near a Metro Station. The Library of Congress is located at the Capitol South subway station on the Blue/Orange Metro line.

ADA accommodations:

Library of Congress programs comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If other ADA arrangments for the course are needed, please include pertinent information when responding to the Series Institute invitation.


Dates for the Series Institutes are posted on the PCC calendar and registration is on a first come-first served basis. For more information about this training please contact your Cooperative Cataloging NACO liaison or:

David Saah
Voice: 202.707.3131
Fax: 202.252.2082
email: David Saah

* Series Institutes may also be given at institutions outside the Washington, DC area. To inquire about scheduling and costs involved in arranging for a series institute, contact the BIBCO/NACO Coordinator, Carolyn Sturtevant.

PCC NACO Series Institute Registration Form

Library of Congress, Washington, DC
April 28-30, 2008


The Series Institute is open to experienced NACO catalogers at independent NACO libraries. Because of the need to support series with cross references, qualifiers, etc., solid NACO skills are a prerequisite for series training which can not be waived.

Registration deadline: Friday, March 7, 2008

Confirmations will be sent by Friday, March 21, 2008

Has your institution received series training?


Each participant is responsible for his/her own housing costs and for securing reservations. >The Cooperative Cataloging Team no longer makes any arrangements for hotel accommocations. [Please disregard this option!]:

Will you require any ADA accommodations for the course?

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