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Report to CPSO: Subject Usage and Geographic Subdivision in Name Authority Records

1. MARC 21 institution code of cataloger sending request:

2. Subject Usage note to be added to NAR or 008 information to be changed (check only one):

Jurisdiction name has changed but geographic area remains the same (an earlier/later reference has been added to the NAR) and now requires a subject usage note, cf.: LCRI 26.3B-C and SCM H708.
Note: Do not use this form to report jurisdictional mergers or splits (cf. SCM H710)

LCCN (010) of earlier name authority record: *required when box above is checked

Proposal to allow certain corporate name headings to be subdivided geographically, cf.: SCM H475

LCCN (010) of name authority record affected: *required when box above is checked

3. Comments, etc.

Name of cataloger:

E-mail: *required

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  April 14, 2011
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