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List of PCC Liaisons by Institution or Project, V-Z

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Valdosta State University

MARC 21 code: GVaS
utility: OCLC
contact: Guy Frost
tel.: 229.259.5060
fax: 229.333.5862

Vanderbilt University

MARC 21 code: TNJ
utility: OCLC
contact: Pete Wilson
email: pete.wilson@VANDERBILT.EDU

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

MARC 21 code: ViBlBV
utility: OCLC
contact: Mary Finn
tel.: 540.231.9251
fax: 540.231.1694

Virginia Union University

MARC 21 code: ViRVU
utility: OCLC
contact: Michelle Taylor
tel.: 804.257.5823
fax: 804.257.5818

Warren Newport Public Library

MARC 21 code: IGuWNP
utility: OCLC
contact: Diane Stine
tel.: 847.244.5150
fax: 847.244.3499

Washburn University School of Law

MARC 21 code: KTW-L
utility: OCLC
contact: Rebecca Alexander
tel.: 785.231.1040
fax: 785.231.1087

Washington University Libraries

MARC 21 code: MoSW
utility: OCLC
contact: Patricia Logsdon
tel.: 314.935.4152
fax: 314.935.9890

Wellcome Library

MARC 21 code: UkLW
utility: OCLC
contact: June Tomlinson
tel.: +44 (0)20.7611.8493
fax: +44 (0)20.7611.8703

Western Washington University

MARC 21 code: WaBeW
utility: OCLC
contact: Wayne V. Richter
tel.: 360.650.3395
fax: 360.650.3954

William and Mary Law Library

MARC 21 code: ViW-L
utility: OCLC
contact: Jonathan Tuttle

Winthrop University

MARC 21 code: ScRhW
utility: OCLC
contact: Spiro Shetuni

Yale University

MARC 21 code: CtY
utility: OCLC
contact: Larry Heiman
Sterling Memorial Library
P.O. Box 208240
New Haven, CT 06520-8240
phone: 203.432.0012
fax: 203.432.8543

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