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List of PCC Liaisons by Institution or Project, P-T

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Pennsylvania State University

MARC 21 code: PSt
utility: OCLC
contact: Elizabeth Hobart
Special Collections Cataloging Librarian
126 Paterno Library
University Park, PA 16802
tel.: 814.865.1756
fax: 814.863.7293
email: [email protected]

Pittsburg State University
Leonard H. Axe Library

MARC 21 code: KPT
contact: Morgan McCune
tel.: 620.235.4895
fax: 620.235.4090
email: [email protected]

Portland State University

MARC 21 code: OrPS
utility: OCLC
contact: Tom Larsen
Head of Monographic Cataloging, Professor
Millar Library
tel.: 503.725.8179
fax: 503.725.5799
mail: [email protected]

Prairie Area Library

MARC 21 code: IlCvPAL
Contact: Merideth Willett
220 W 23rd Ave
Coal Valley, IL 61240
Tel.: 309-799-3155 ext. 3257
Fax: 309-799-7916
Email: [email protected]

Presbyterian Historical Society

MARC 21 code: PPPrHi
utility: OCLC
contact: Margo Szabunia
tel.: 215.238.3971
fax: 215.627.0115
mail:[email protected]

Princeton University Libraries

MARC 21 code: NjP, NjP-G
utility: OCLC
contact: Luiza Wainer
email: [email protected]

Project Management Institute

MARC 21 code: PaNtsPMI
utility: OCLC
contact: Mary Quill
14 Campus Blvd
Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299
tel.: 610-356-4600 ext. 1045
fax: 610-356-4647
email: [email protected]

Queens Borough Public Library

MARC 21 code: NJQ
utility: OCLC
contact for NACO: Regina Shapiro
tel.: 718.990.8608
fax; 718.990-8566
email: [email protected]
contact for PCC Directory: Natalie Milbrodt 
tel.: 718.990.0837
fax: 718.990.8566
email: [email protected]

Rutgers University Libraries

MARC 21 code: NjR
utility: OCLC
contact: Vacant

Saint Louis University

MARC 21 code: MoSU
utility: OCLC
contact: Anna Zaidman
tel.: 314.977.3111
fax: 314.977.3108
email: [email protected]

Saint Louis University
School of Law

MARC 21 code: MoSU-L
utility: OCLC
contact: Ting James
Senior Cataloger, Law Library
3700 Lindell Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63108
tel: 314.977.3356
fax: 314.977.3966
email: [email protected]

Saint Xavier University

MARC 21 code: ICSX
utility: OCLC
contact: Vacant

Science History Institute

MARC 21 code: PaPhCHF
Donald F. and Mildred Topper Othmer Library of Chemical History
contact: Andrea Tomlinson
Technical Services Manager
315 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
tel.: 215.873.8257
email: [email protected]

Serials Solutions

501 North 34th Street, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98103
MARC 21 code: WaSeSS
utility: OCLC
contact: Kara Killough
tel.: 206.336.7560
fax: 206.525.9066
email: [email protected]

Singapore Integrated Library
Automation Services (SILAS)

MARC 21 code: SG-SiILA
utility: OCLC
contact: Saralee Turner
tel.: 65.6546.7087
fax: 65.6542.3596
email: [email protected]

SkyRiver (Innovative Interfaces)

MARC 21 code: CaEvSKY
contact: Martha Rice Sanders
Senior Library Consultant
Innovative Interfaces
5850 Shellmound Way
Emeryville, CA 94608
Tel. : 510.496.3813
Cell : 508.915.1427
Email: [email protected]

Smithsonian Institution Libraries

MARC 21 code: DSI
utility: OCLC
Contact: Heidy Berthoud
Tel.: 202-633-1642
Email: [email protected]

Stanford University

MARC 21 code: CSt
utility: OCLC
contact: Joanna K. Dyla
tel.: 650.723.2529
fax: 650.725.1120
email: [email protected]

State Library of North Carolina

MARC 21  code: Nc
Contact: Becky Forbes
4640 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC  27699-4640
Tel.: 919-814-6811
Email: [email protected]

State Library of Ohio

MARC 21 code: O
utility: OCLC
contact: Kathy Hughes
tel.: 614.728.8320
fax: 614.728.2789
email: [email protected]

State Library of Pennsylvania

MARC 21 code: P
utility: OCLC
contact: Thomas Duszak
Cataloging Section
tel.: 717.772.5616
fax: 717.705.3798
email: [email protected]

State University of New York, Buffalo

MARC 21 code: NBuU
utility: OCLC
contact: Marie Peterson
Central Technical Services
134 Lockwood Library Building
North Campus
tel: (716) 645-8574
fax: (716) 645-5955
email: [email protected]

Teachers College, Columbia University

MARC 21 code: NNC-T
utility: OCLC
contact: Anita Lauer
tel.: 212.678.3424
fax: 212.678.3092
email: [email protected]

Temple University

MARC 21 code: PPT
utility: OCLC
contact: Holly Tomren
Head of Cataloging Services and Metadata Strategy
email: [email protected]

Texas A & M University

MARC 21 code: TxCM
utility: OCLC
contact: Tatyana Chubaryan
tel.: 979.458.0440
fax: 979.862.1166
email: [email protected]

Texas Library Group

MARC 21 code: TxRilSD
utility: OCLC
contact: Vacant as of June 21, 2017
Richardson Independent School District (RISD), Texas

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

MARC 21 code: Tx
utility: OCLC
contact: Pat Fowler
tel.: 512.463.7102
fax: 512.463.5430
email: [email protected]

Trinity College, Dublin

MARC 21 code: IeDuTC
utility: OCLC
contact: Peter Guilding
tel.: 353 1.896.1686
fax: 353 1.671.9003
email: [email protected]

Tufts University

MARC 21 code: MMeT
utility: OCLC
primary contact: Sarah Corvene
email: [email protected]
secondary contact: Steve McDonald
email: [email protected]

Tulane University

MARC 21 code: LNT
utility: OCLC
contact: Gena George
tel.: 504.865.5617
fax: 504.862.8556
email: [email protected]

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