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List of PCC Liaisons by Institution or Project, L-O

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Lewis & Clark Library

MARC 21 code: IEdL
Contact: Sarah Heuertz
6725 Goshen Road
Edwardsville, IL 62025
Tel.: 618-656-3216  ext. 209
Fax: 618-656-9401

Library of Virginia

MARC 21 code: Vi
Contact: Deanna Chavez
800 E. Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23219
Tel.: 804-692-3631
Fax: 804-692-3814

Lincoln Trail Libraries

MARC 21 code: IChamL
Contact: Vanessa Whippo
1704 W. Interstate Drive
Champaign, IL 61822
Tel.: 217-352-0047  ext. 211

Louisiana State University

MARC 21 code: LU
contact: Linda Smith Griffin
tel.: 225.578.4685
fax: 225.578.6535


MARC 21 code: MvI
utility: OCLC
contact: Mary Mastraccio
Cataloging & Authorities Manager
P.O. Box 47508
San Antonio, Texas 78265-7508
tel.: 210.646.6161
fax: 210.646.0167

Maryland State Law Library

MARC 21 code: MAL
utility: OCLC
contact: Jessie Tam
Head of Cataloging
tel.: 410.260.1437
fax: 410.974.2063

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MARC 21 code: MCM
utility: OCLC
contact: Ben Abrahamse
tel.: 617.253.8436
fax: 617.253.2464
email: babraham@MIT.EDU

McGill University

MARC 21 code: CaQMM
contact: Christine Oliver
McGill University Library
Collection Services
3459 McTavish Street
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A 1Y1
tel.: 514.398.4776
fax: 514.398.8919

Memorial University of Newfoundland

MARC 21 code: CaNfSM
utility: OCLC
contact: Heather Pretty

Michigan State University Libraries

MARC 21 code: MiEM
utility: OCLC
contact: Lucas Mak
tel.: 517.884.0822

Mississippi State University

MARC 21 code: MsSM
contact: Robert E. Wolverton, Jr.
Assistant Professor
Database Management/Authority Control Librarian
Mississippi State University Libraries
P.O. Box 5408
Mississippi State, MS 39762
tel.: 662.325.4618
fax: 662.325.2895

Monash University

MARC 21 code: AuClM
contact: Sue Mackenzie
Senior Metatdata Officer and Team Leader, ADBE/STEMPL
Information Resources Dept.
Resources Division
Monash University Library
Building 67
Monash University
Victoria 3800
tel.: +61 3 9905 9105
fax: +61 3 9905 2617

Morton Grove Public Library

MARC 21 code: IMg
Contact: Helga Scherer
6140 Lincoln Ave.
Morton Grove, Il 60053
Tel.: 847-929-5111
Fax: 847-965-7903

Mount Prospect Public Library

MARC 21 code: IlMpPL
utility: OCLC
contact: Rosemary Groenwald
10 S. Emerson St.
Mount Prospect, Illinois 60056
tel.: 847.253.5675
fax: 847.253.0642

Nanyang Technological University Singapore

MARC 21 code: SG-SiNTU
utility: OCLC
contact: Padmaja Muralidharan
tel.: (65) 6790 6474
fax: (65) 6791 4637

National Agricultural Library

MARC 21 code: DNAL
utility: OCLC
contact: Rosanne Galletta
tel.: 301.504.6730
fax: 301.504.5471
email: Rosanne.Galletta@ARS.USDA.GOV

National Archives at College Park

MARC 21 code: DNA
utility: OCLC
contact: Jerry Simmons
tel.: 301.837.1592
fax: 301.837.0459

National Art Library (Great Britain)

MARC 21 code: UkLNAL
utility: OCLC
contact: Elizabeth James
tel.: 9-011-44.171.938.8308
fax: 9-011-44.171.938.8461

National Indian Law Library

MARC 21 code: CoBoNIL
utility: OCLC
contact: Monica Martens

National Institute of Education Singapore

MARC 21 code: SG-SiNIE
utility: OCLC
contact: Yvonne Yin
tel.:(65) 67903625
fax: (65) 68969031

National Library of Medicine

MARC 21 code: DNLM
utility: OCLC
contact: Karen Detling
tel.: 301.496.6134
fax: 301.402.1211

National Library of New Zealand

MARC 21 code: Nz
utility: OCLC
contact: Judy Keats
tel.: 644.474.3000 ext. 8788
fax: 644.474.3161

National Library of Scotland

MARC 21 code: StEdNL
utility: OCLC
contact: Alison Smith
Senior Assistant
Cataloguing Standards and Maintenance Team
Cataloguing Services Division
National Library of Scotland
George IV Bridge
Edinburgh EH1 1EW
tel.: 44 (0)131.623.3903
fax: 44 (0)131.623.3910

National Library of South Africa

MARC 21 code: SaPrNL
utility: OCLC
contact: Tienie de Klerk
tel.: 27.12.321.8931
fax: 27.12.325.5984

National Library of Wales

MARC 21 code: WlAbNL
utility: OCLC
contact: Alan Vaughan Hughes
tel.: 01970.632809
fax: 01970.615709

New Mexico State University

MARC 21 code: NmLcU
utility: OCLC
contact: Larry Creider
tel.: 575.646.7227
fax: 575.646.7477

New York Public Library

MARC 21 code: NN
utility: OCLC
contact: Diane Pearson

New York State Library

MARC 21 code: N
utility: OCLC
contact: Susan Whaley
tel.: 518.474.7274
fax: 518.474.5786
contact: Ian Duckor
tel.: 518.474.8610
fax: 518.474.5786

New York University Libraries

MARC 21 code: NNU
utility: OCLC
contact: Everett Allgood
tel.: 212.998.2488
fax: 212.995.4366

New York University
Law School Library

MARC 21 code: NNU-L
utility: OCLC
contact: George Prager
tel.: 212.998.6340
fax: 212.998.6587

Newberry Library

MARC 21 code: ICN
utility: OCLC
contact: Jessica Grzegorski
tel.: 312-255-3650
fax: 312-255-3558

NOAA Central Library

MARC 21 code: MdSsNOAA
utility: OCLC
contact: Stanley Elswick
tel.: 301.713.2600 x138
fax: 301.713.4599

North Carolina A & T State University

MARC 21 code: NcGA
utility: OCLC
contact: Euthena Newman
Head, Technical & Automated Services Division
tel.: 336.334.7867
fax: 336.334.7783

Northland Public Library

MARC 21 code: PPiNPL
utility: OCLC
contact: Edith Sutterlin
tel.: 412.366.8100, x 125
fax: 412.366.2064

Northwestern University Library

MARC 21 code: IEN
utility: OCLC
contact: Gary Strawn
tel.: 847.491.2788
fax: 847.491.8306

Oberlin College Library

MARC 21 code: OO
utility: OCLC
contact: Selina Wang
tel.: 440.775.5113
fax: 440.775.6586

OCLC, Inc.

MARC 21 code: OCoLC
utility: OCLC/LC
contact: Luanne Goodson
tel.: 800.848.5878 x5274
fax: 614.718.7306
back-up contact: Laura Ramsey
tel.: 800.848.5878
fax: 1.866.709.6252

Ohio State University Libraries

MARC 21 code: OU
utility: OCLC
contact: Rocki Strader
tel.: 614.688.8091
fax: 614.292.5214

Oliveira Lima Library
Catholic University of America

MARC 21 code: DCU-IA
utility: OCLC
contact: Maria Angela Leal
tel.: 202.319.5059
fax: 202.319.4735

Oregon State University

MARC 21 code: OrCS
utility: OCLC
contact: Richard Sapon-White
tel.: 541.737.7319
fax: 541.737.3453

Oxford University

MARC 21 code: UkOxU
utility: OCLC
contact: Stephen Arnold
Bibliographic Maintenance and Authority Control
Collections & Resource Description
The Bodleian Libraries, Oxford
tel.: (011)-44-01865-277026; (011)-44-01865- 277038

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