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Treatment Codes in Casalini libri Series Authority Records

As a result of arrangements between the Library of Congress and Italian book vendor Casalini libri for the production of bibliographic data, Library of Congress staff have trained Casalini staff to produce bibliographic and name authority records that meet Library of Congress requirements.

Casalini has become a NACO member and will contribute its name and series authority work through OCLC. The MARC 21 organization code for Casalini is ItFiC. This code will appear as appropriate in the 040 field of all Casalini name authority work.

There will be an exceptional practice, however, in the treatment codes of series authority records. Casalini has been trained in LC practice and is providing cataloging according to that practice. Therefore, Casalini uses "$5 DPCC" in combination with "$5 DLC" to indicate that LC indeed holds an item in the series and that the treatment decisions reflect LC practice.

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